Virtual Listening Room – Quiet down and enjoy some acoustic singer songwriters

Whether you’re sitting on the front porch with a summery beverage or relaxing in the air conditioning to fight the heat, we have a nice set of acoustic singer songwriters for you today.

Let us know on social media if you like this format of the Virtual Listening Room and we’ll put together more playlists like this. We put them here separately so you can find each artist, but we’ll be happy to combine them if readers/listeners are interested.

First taking the virtual stage is singer songwriter Scott Jackson with his song “What Could Have Been.” His music has a melancholy sweetness to it. The string parts roll nicely from one light to the next with a soft, understated vocal laying over it. The full sound is comforting and the lyrics encourage you to reflect on your own relationships.

Next we have a Hong Kong by way of London songwriter named Sakura. Her song “Stale Love” brings a harmonic guitar style that really resonates through the track. It’s a simple lyrical composition, but the added spaces allows the guitar’s strumming to occupy the track beautifully. The song will encourage reflection on some brokenness, but it does so with an undergirding of contemplative hope.

Our next artist is Finn Kleffmann and his quaint, evocative track “Freckles.” Seemingly about a simple human characteristic, the song delves into deeper notions of character. It’s a sweet “love song” style, but seems to be the kind of song that has layers of meaning. The harmonics on the guitar and the Colbie Caillat style on Kleffman’s vocal makes for an intriguing and smile-inducing sound.

Next I would like to introduce UK phenom George Taylor. His style is really moving in a provocative and intriguing direction. At first blush you might hear “just another singer songwriter,” but Taylor is on the cutting edge of modern music. This song, seemingly an acoustic singer songwriter, has a “drop” that is sure to shake you up. Get into the song and embrace Taylor’s style; he’s going to make a lot of fans with “Ophelia.”

The last artist I want to introduce is Andrew Whitman and his thoughtful song “Things to Come.” It’s an intriguing little track that feels like a typical folk song in one regard, while also taking on a bit more of a pop song from the 60s. When the sounds blend together, it’s really Whitman’s believable lyrical sensibility that wins the day. It’s full of hope and light that will have you walking with a spring in your step after you leave the virtual venue.

Thanks everyone for joining us. We’d love if you shared this experience with others. If you’d like us to add some interactive elements or find another theme (face-melting metal, anyone?) do let us know. We’re here to help you fans find new artists. Who do you want to hear next?

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