Breaking down Kodaline’s “Brother”

Have you ever heard a song that moved you to tears or close to it? Have you ever wondered what does that? Let’s take a look at the indie pop hit “Brother” by Kodaline and explore what makes it work so well.

The Music
-The music here is emotive from the very start.  Even though “indie” is not actually a genre, it has connotations of how the music is produced.  What we hear are three key elements.  First, there’s the keys and backing electronics that give it an “epic” feel.  Second, there are some really moving dynamic harmonic vocals.  Those massive vocals feel expansive and deepling evocative for listeners.  The third element to the music itself is the moving rhythm.  It’s not exactly an anthem where you’d find yourself dancing at a club, but it has an inspiring core that makes it at home on all sorts of playlists of other inspiring music.

The Lyrics
– “I’ve got you, brother” is an expressive and moving lyric of solidarity.  The track starts with the narrative “when we were young…” and develops a story about living life with someone.  Even though they took different paths, the narrator still has love for this person.  The indie pop flavor gives harmonic note to these lyrics, allowing that sense of togetherness and life to really pop.  The deep vocal “brother” of enduring life together, even to the extent to having matching tattoos.  It’s clear that the connection here is profound.

So when you listen to this song you’re hearing so much more than just a pop song about friendship.  You’re hearing the depth of human connection between two exceptionally close friends.  There’s a sense of loss and death in the lyrics as well as the video, but all told it’s a song you might find yourself enjoying as a deep thought piece or as just something that is harmonically fulfilling.

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