Breaking down Kodaline’s “Brother”

Have you ever heard a song that moved you to tears or close to it? Have you ever wondered what does that? Let’s take a look at the indie pop hit “Brother” by Kodaline and explore what makes it work so well.

The Music
-The music here is emotive from the very start.  Even though “indie” is not actually a genre, it has connotations of how the music is produced.  What we hear are three key elements.  First, there’s the keys and backing electronics that give it an “epic” feel.  Second, there are some really moving dynamic harmonic vocals.  Those massive vocals feel expansive and deepling evocative for listeners.  The third element to the music itself is the moving rhythm.  It’s not exactly an anthem where you’d find yourself dancing at a club, but it has an inspiring core that makes it at home on all sorts of playlists of other inspiring music.

The Lyrics
– “I’ve got you, brother” is an expressive and moving lyric of solidarity.  The track starts with the narrative “when we were young…” and develops a story about living life with someone.  Even though they took different paths, the narrator still has love for this person.  The indie pop flavor gives harmonic note to these lyrics, allowing that sense of togetherness and life to really pop.  The deep vocal “brother” of enduring life together, even to the extent to having matching tattoos.  It’s clear that the connection here is profound.

So when you listen to this song you’re hearing so much more than just a pop song about friendship.  You’re hearing the depth of human connection between two exceptionally close friends.  There’s a sense of loss and death in the lyrics as well as the video, but all told it’s a song you might find yourself enjoying as a deep thought piece or as just something that is harmonically fulfilling.

What do you think?  Feel free to let us know in the comments or on social media.

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  1. Tommy

    This song always has me crying a by the end of the song. Kodaline, you’ve sang a song that hits everyone who has a brother around the world with that song.

    • Jimmy Wilson

      Absolutely a wonderfully moving song. I lost my younger brother in December of 2020, I just found this song. I am now sitting in the middle of the gym crying.

  2. Erin

    my brother showed me this song. the two of us are inseprable and it immediatly became a favourite. i cant count how many times its brought me to tears

  3. Vincent Peter

    This song was a song that my brother and I used to listen to… but now we’ve broken apart and he hates me- I feel like we are living this song in reality… Maybe in five years or even twenty years, we’ll come back and things will still be the same-

    • hayden

      that’s a great memory to hold on to, i hope things get sorted with your brother 🙏🏻❤️

  4. keira m

    when me and my brother were little we used to be so close bc all we had was each other and no one else but now he hates me and lives with my drug addicted mum and going down the same road as he i don tknow what happend to the bond we had i miss him

    • admin Post author

      Thanks for sharing your connection to the song, Keira. We are sorry to hear this about your brother and hope he can make a positive change in his life soon.

    • lily cribbins

      I hope everything goes well with your brother.
      I have 2 brothers and I only hope 1 takes a positive turn in his life when he gets married and realizes he will be a father at some point and stops hating his little sister who is just trying to help him so that he can stop smoking and hanging out with the wrong people. I am very sorry to hear about your mom just brave the hurt and keep on pushing through trust me so much hurt will come from that I have lost my mom to drugs as well and she was heavily addicted to them.

  5. brenna

    I have not lost my brother but this just shows how much I would not be able to function if something happend to him

  6. lilyanna candaso

    if its about a friendship then why is it about his brother dyeing?

    • admin Post author

      Great question. Thanks for engaging with the post. If you’d like to reply with more explanation of your interpretation of the lyrics, feel free.

  7. Kenneth

    This song reminds me of friends I’ve lost.

    I will always care about them, even if we need to be on separate paths.


  8. Mary

    It’s a beautiful song. It brought me to tears when I first heard it as I hsve a 74 year old sister thst just got dementia. Every time I listen to it now with my two inseparable grandgirls 13 and 16, it gives me the chills.

    With all the stuff that’s going on in this world right now, I think it’s almost too depressing for two young girls to be listening to. It scares me.

  9. Gito

    This song is very sad yet touching. We all go thru meeting different friends and close friend in life. Some are just living us because they don’t need us anymore, but sadly some left because of passed away. I lost all and zero for me now. This song hits me deeply


    • admin Post author

      Thank you for sharing Gito.

  10. Kierstyn C

    I haven’t lost my brother but me and my younger brother fight all the time but when I heard this song I realized just how much I related to it.

    When I got home from being in the hospital due to my appendicitis my brother had still not come home from school so when I surprised him I was shocked to see that he was actually crying. I heard this song just here recently and it fits exactly how I feel towards him.
    I would die for him as would be for me. I can’t imagine what my life would be without him.

  11. donavin overton

    I listen to the song because it reminds me of my brother and it always brings me to tears because i really miss my brother and it just reminds me of the great times we’ve had together and it lets me understand that i shouldn’t take having him for granted

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