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We don’t always have enough variety in the kitty to select a theme for the NMF, but this week it’s going to be rock. You know why? Because it’s a rock day here at Editor Greg’s desk. So gosh darnit get ready to MOVE.

I mean, okay, seriously it’ll be more like Dawes and Fleetwood Mac kind of rock… so not a lot of face melting, to be fair.

Madus – “Through the Dark”
-If you like the Arctic Monkeys or the Strokes, this is a track you’ll enjoy. Both the drums and the guitars really kick it into high gear. I really enjoy the way the power chord crashes onto the chorus. It’s a good rock anthem.

Truett – “Deliver Me”
-All you Gary Clark Jr fans out there get absolutely freaking ready for the next big thing. Truett’s guitar is as dirty as can be and the attitude drips from the stage. The effect on the vocal might be too much for some, but we think it makes it sound rich and bluesy in all the right ways. Blues rock – on ice.

Charley Bliss – “Westermark”
-Sometimes a song is not really in your wheelhouse but just speaks to you existentially. That was my experience with this song. I like the Weezer-esque punk flavor. But even more than that, I just found myself drawn to the vocal and complex sonic structure. This is not an easy song to pull off, but it sounds smooth and enjoyable.

The Black Rattles – “Come on in”
-Do you feel the shaking at your core? Yeah, it’s the guitars from the Black Rattles. They sure can rock! It’s a sound a little like Molly Hatchet or some other classic rock artists. They can make you want to move. It’s the kind of band that gets everyone in the club screaming. A touch of blues and a huge dose of rock!

Free Money – “I want in”
-My note on this band says “legit Brit alt rock.” That’s about it, right? They can really shake the walls, too. It’s a fun alt rock track with a manic beat and some dynamic vocal talent. The gang vocal shouts are conducive to a nice club shaking anthem. It’s just angry enough to make your parents not like them very much.

Hightower – “The Party”
-Go ahead and bang your head. This legit pop punk band Hightower can really get you going. It’s not every day you hear a made-for-punk vocal like Hightower have. They put me in mind of bands like Sum41 from my younger days. I would honestly love to hear a full album from these guys. What a cool sound.

Basement Revolver – “Tree Trunks”
-Let’s slow it down for the couples, shall we? Alright that might be overselling the theme a bit. This is really a thoughtful slow rock song. But it is a legitimate rock jam. I enjoy the atmospheric elements mixed with clear, transcendent vocals. It works nicely.

Willamena – “When You Close Your Eyes”
-This song is advertised as “radio ready” and I can totally hear why. Whether you put them in the U2 category or something similar, it’s a pop and easy going rock sound. The lead vocal sounds like a really nice guy. You know what I mean? Anyways, it’s a smooth sailing rock song.

The Georgia Flood – “Take a Hit”
-The studio version of this is still in a secret mountain, but here’s a live cut. It’s a really killer rock jam. You’re all gonna dig the crispy studio cut. You can hear the groove and the guitars real well. The lead vocal sounds excellent, with really nice bluesy lines. This one’s got real hit potential.

Pure Mids – “Nothing Personal”
-This is a glowing rock track that’s purely 21st century. There are some 70s psych elements and some 90s alt flair, but the synthy power ballad is all contemporary. The way it all blends together, though, is really unique to Pure Mids. I’ve heard elements of this sound in different places, but this is a genre-bending sound that’s sure to catch on with some of our loyal reader base.

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