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The mixture of music we get on a daily basis is pretty stunning. In an effort express that variety to you all, our loyal readers, we thought we’d throw together several different styles here. Do us a favor and vote on your favorite… then keep an eye on the site in the coming months for a feature on that band.

Brandon Luedtke – “One of These Days”
-It’s impossible for me to hear this song and not think of someone like Justin Townes Earle or Pokey LaFarge. It’s an old timey sound. But what I love about Luedtke is that it doesn’t feel “old fashioned.” It just feels familiar and sweet. Call it Americana if you want, but this is just incredibly enjoyable music.

Them Jones – “Maya”
-If psych rock is your thing, you found a new favorite in Them Jones. The sound is reminiscent of all sorts of 60s bands. The ethereal strings work perfectly with the detached vocal blending. It all comes together for a surreal experience. Tye-dye not necessary, but highly recommended.

Manta – “The Thing About Yesterday”
-This is a really cool groove of a song. You might call it psych rock or just indie rock, but either way it’s an engaging sound. What I enjoy most is the way that the guitars and vocals blend so well. The guitar riffs come across really naturally, even though they are unique. It’s hard to have such a chill sound “pop” with the right kind of rock energy. Manta pull it off well.

Eli Forrest – “You”
-Maybe “rock opera” is too strong a word, but this piece from Eli Forrest is nothing short of superb. In fact, my note on it says “fantastic.” It opens with a solo piano, but don’t sleep on it there. Ride it out. The song grows into a deeply satisfying love song about someone who has really stolen this man’s heart. What an inspiration.

Death Saddle Syndicate – “Darkest Times”
-This is an extraordinary track in its own right. Evoking images of Queen or even Led Zeppelin, there’s a sense of classic rock to it all. The guitars on this track steal the show for sure. The mood of the piece is so much more than a standard rock song. The lyrics take you to some dark places, but it does feel hard core.

Matt Pond PA – “Skin and Bones”
-At this point we could just call Matt Pond PA a “friend of the program.” We’ve covered him several times and each new submission makes us happy. His sound is quintessentially what we support on ETTG. The vocal and music work really well. His lyrical content is always inspiring. Even the chord progressions feel optimistic and inspire hope. Do enjoy, friends.

Parade of Lights – “Touch”
-Do you hear that oozing late 80s goodness? Gosh I feel like I have bad hair and only 15 TV stations again. But seriously this song is really infectious and enjoyable. The beat is good, but the overall throwback instrumentation and vocal really works for the concept. So is Family Ties on yet or what?

Maradeen – “Livin’ for the Weekend”
-This is what Americana means to me. This song right here is perfect Americana. The song is sort of “genre-free” and the theme of the lyrics are all about the payoff from hard work. If you’re a fan of Lumineers or even Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, you really need to give this track a spin. It’s feel good and inspiring for sure.

DreamVacation – “Thin World”
-If you like unconventional vocal styles, DreamVacation is a good fit. The lead vocal is really interesting and the backing instruments bring an avant garde flavor as well. They sound like the kind of band you’d hear at a really awesome hipster studio venue and tell all your friends you found them first. They absolutely are the real deal.

Bien – “Stars Across the Sky”
-The easy comparison here is Maggie Rogers, but Bien has a sound all her own. This is a really captivating song. It has that perfect hook “like stars across the sky” that keeps listeners coming back for more. It is exceptional indie pop, bringing just enough pop sweetness that meets some indie quirkiness. There’s an intimacy to the lead vocal that makes you crack a half smile…

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