Five Million Streams, Coachella, and The Weekend, Grace Mitchell is Quickly Taking Over

The new track from Grace Mitchell sets fire to the California scene. The artist moves unhindered through genres like a prized fighter in their prime. Primed with a gospel tinged beginning, the track launches into dark electro with pop sensibilities while weaving a trademark sound that will bring you the same feels as Lana and Grimes. “Cali God” is sung from the perspective of a dangerously codependent young lover. Influenced by the narcissistic hustle of southern California, she viciously attacks the person she suspects her partner is interested in. It evokes both the glamour and seedy underbelly of Hollywood and the twisted, often dangerous young love that resides therein. Proceed with caution,” explains the artist.

Grace Mitchell has crushed the festival scene with defining sets at Coachella and Lollapalooza, while opening for such diverse acts as The Weekend and Mø. Her Raceday EP unleashed the viral “NOLO”, which garnered a wild 5 million streams on Spotify and grabbed the attention of Buzzfeed and Zane Lowe to name a few. Grace Mitchell is the real deal in a musical scene of disingenuous acts.

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