New Music Friday – Episode 52 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

Well here we are celebrating our ONE YEAR NEW MUSIC FRIDAY ANNIVERSARY! Pop champagne! Listen to some tunes! Dance with someone beautiful!

Okay, okay. You could just listen to this baller tracks and vote for the one you like. That would actually be way more helpful than getting champagne all over your computer. Cheers.

Common Deer – “Settle Down”
-I love these chilling harmonies and kickin’ beat. It’s the kind of song that gets genre blending right. I would totally love to chill out on a porch jamming to these cats some time. Can’t you just feel it? A little bit of 80s pop with some folk overtones. It’s delicious.

Northern Faces – “Messin’ with me”
-The snappy pop flavor of this track really gets to me and I don’t know exactly why. Whether it’s the drum breakdowns or the clever songwriting, the whole sound clicks for me. The vocal dynamic reminds me of bands like Owl City, but this is a fresh new take on that pop indie rock sound. It resonates.

Vincent Colbert – “Michigan”
-The fingerpicking on this track is beautiful. Vincent Colbert is an acoustic artist we’ve covered here before. This track keeps that standard of beautiful songwriting. The lyrics conjure cool themes, of course, but it also makes folks in the upper midwest feel warm for home. It’s soothing and enjoyable.

The Jacks – “Just a Little Bit”
-Something about this track reminded me of a lovechild of Brit rock and southern rock. I know that doesn’t really exist, but I thought it. In any event, get your toes tapping to this busy and interesting rock track. The bluesy licks and rapid guitar beat bend our conventions of typical rock… and make us feel rebellious like a Stokes show.

Dave Thomas Junior – “Making Mistakes and Wasting Time”
-I can’t quite put into words how this song holds so much emotion, but it really does. From the way the whispered vocals creep into the recording and the acoustic guitar plucks right along, it’s a song that feels both sweet and moving. It’s one of those songs that you could imagine being a major hit if it can just get the next level traction it deserves. Care to help?

Kate Vargas – “In the Dust”
-If you like acoustic singer songwriters, you need to give Kate Vargas a listen. I find the chord progression on this track to be endearing. I sort of crack a half smile and want to nuzzle in. On a (slightly) more technical note, the timbre of Vargas’s voice sounds familiar and like someone you met that one time. But you can’t quite place her. That said, if you listen to this track a few times, she’ll be your friend.

Jane’s Party – “Ciggy Buzz”
-If you like party rock (or is it folk pop?), you’ll dig on this track. There’s a real buzz to the song and it feels like all your dank friends chillin’ outside the venue after a show. You are all tipsy, singing together and not wanting to end. That’s exactly how this feels – although – spoiler: it’s actually probably about the pain of addiction and how you’ll never feel that first buzz again. Ah well, the fun style keeps me coming back for more… (get it?)

Ann Vriend – “Get Back to Me”
-What happens when you mix Amy Winehouse and Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes? You get Ann Vriend. And holy wow is she good. The powerhouse vocals combine with a soulful attitude that transcends genre into something powerful and exciting. This is a JAM.

NoMBe – “Signs”
-Get ready to move when you listen to this song. Categorized as “electric soul” there’s a definite Jackson Five vibe to this track. The guitar work is absolutely next level. As the track unfolds you can’t help but feel that soul oozing through… your feet will move like James Brown. It’s a slick groove for sure.

George Taylor – “The Youth”
-If you’re a fan of Hozier and similar singer songwriters, you really need to give George Taylor a spin. He’s at that “next level” just ready to take off. I’d love to hear him live. The vocal is crystalline on this track. The melody soothes and I’m immediately drawn into the story here. Eloquent stuff, honestly.

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