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These introductions are the most important part. Right? You’re all reading this with bated breath. Ohmygosh what’s he going to say next!? Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that people love artists they already know. Care to find a few new loves? You should because these cats are amazing.

Kelly Hoppenjans – “Garden of Little White Lies”
-Maybe you’re thinking Brandi Carlisle or even Emmy Lou Harris, either way you are hearing all sorts of amazing in the voice of Kelly Hoppenjans. She’s got the “chops” to sing with anyone. But the songwriting here is absolutely next level. The style is outstanding and I’m looking forward to following her rise.

12 Decembers – “antiheroes”
-Remember when you first hear the atmospheric vocal from Evanescence? Those feels? Okay, well I do. And I get that same sensation listening to 12 Decembers. It’s not a party track or going to hit you with a drop. It’s lovely, melodic, and more than anything – peaceful. Do enjoy.

Bo DePena – “If I Let You Go Again”
-Here we have a real crooner. The easy comparisons are guys like Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra. The song strolls along nicely with a sort of country charm. It reminds me of the pop of the 1960s, not the rock n’ roll we all know now. Rather, think of guys like Dean Martin or even Glen Campbell. Soft, delightful, and multigenerational.

James Wyatt Crosby – “Candyfloss”
-It’s not really a rule that any song with “Candy” in the title has to be super sweet, but this one sure is. My note on JWC is “wayyyy pop.” That about hits it right there. They are some of the richest, most glowing tones you’ll hear this year. Fun for the whole family, for sure.

Alex Siegel – “Easy”
-If you like finger picking on acoustic guitar, you need to hear this song. Siegel’s vocal is subtle and endearing, but the guitar really pops off the track. It all comes together for a timeless enjoyable sound. Fans of James Taylor will find a lot to like in this Alex Siegel track.

Jaymes Young – “Don’t You Know”
-Not exactly a club banger, but it’s a driving anthem with some snazzy urban tones. I mean, can you listen to this and NOT think of a swanky bar somewhere with drinks you can barely afford? It has that kind of sass to it. The fact that it’s about picking up someone after a night on the town punctuates the point. It’s sultry and brings in electro elements to a sort of classic swingers hit really well.

Chris Ayer – “Stay Another Night”
-Matt’s note on this one calls it a “polished hit.” He’s on with that for sure. This song is tailormade for summertime vibes. Find yourself putting together a dance playlist, this one should go on it. Conjuring memories of bands like LFO and NSYNC, this anthem is sure to get people moving.

Night Argent – “Dreamcatcher”
-With raw energy reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, Night Argent bring a sound that is both moving and intense. The dynamics between the vocals and the instrumentation work flawlessly. It’s a sound I find really enjoyable. Some may even hear a harder sound like Breaking Benjamin; in any event, it’s an intense kind of rock.

Architect the Destoyer – “Cherry Wine”
-To give some indication how much I’ve listened to this song, I had to check the site to make sure I hadn’t covered them already. The sound is really familiar, a bit of Death Cab to them for sure. But more than that is the sense of harmonic delight to it. Cherry wine and summertime… oh yeah.

Paul Wilkes – “Feels Like a Dream”
-Chill acoustic folk music with some rich harmonies… yep, they found the right blog to send their music to. This is really a comfortable song that fits right in our wheelhouse. It reminds me of a CSNY b-side track and I mean that as a huge compliment. I’m fairly convinced David Crosby had something to do with this… his fingerprints are all over it.

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