Album Review: Miles Recommends – Extended Play EP (Winner NMF Ep 44)

Miles Recommends are a fascinating band out of Melbourne, Australia. Their international appeal is found in rich harmonies and unique songwriting. With a dash of classic rock and some nuances from modern alt rock, the sound is one that you will find fulfilling and uplifting.

The track “Crazy House” is the one that won the band this review. You can hear from the outset the dynamic energy of the track that garnered support from the editors and fans. It’s really got a fun style, especially with the gang vocals. The sentiment of enjoying life “at the crazy house” is one that we can all relate to at some point. Of course I’m sure it’s symbolic meaning, but much like “Hotel California,” we can listen over and over guessing what it really means.

The second track “Burn Through” has a female lead and a french horn. The sound doesn’t feel like “typical” rock music, but does have shades of a group like Fleetwood Mac. The overall mood of the piece is more contemplative, but still really works and fits. The piano is the underrated rock star on this track.

The guitar work on “Darkness” really works well. The vocal feels a bit more theatrical than other songs. The twisting, dark mood reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera. That said, the piece changes its color and tone completely when the organ and electrified elements enter.

“Just Wanted You” is an interesting song much more in the mood of “Crazy House” vocally, but with more of a folk style overall. The harmonies steal this one. The way the rhythm sort of rolls along is endearing and interesting. I could keep coming back to this one repeatedly.

“Lonely People” is a bit of cultural criticism and reflective philosophy. It might not be what you expect out of a rock song, but the collective mood reminds me of something the Beatles might have done. Like hey, let’s think about who we are realistically and not keep putting up a front. We’re all lonely; so let’s work together to get through life. It’s communal and sweet.

All told, the album shows glimpses of the band in different ways. There are a lot of different sounds, despite it being an EP. One gets the sense they could follow the vein of any of the five for a great sound. My personal preference is “Crazy House,” but I would listen to an album from any of these styles here.

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