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After recently putting “top tracks” on some Spotify lists, I was reminded again of the incredible quality of music that these bands are sending us. Really, really good music ends up only getting a handful of votes in these contests. But this is meant to be a tool to help emerging artists get a jump start on their new music through a full album review. Will you help them? The best way to do that is to vote yourself, but also share the post with others.

Madeleine Kelson – “Addicted”
-If the name Gillian Welch means anything to you, then you’ve already stopped reading this sentence and clicked play on the song. Kelson’s style is absolutely in that Gillian Welch vein. The minimalist Americana style works extraordinarily well here. It’s not so much dark as it is deep. Powerful.

Bridie Florence – “Walk Me Home”
-If you like country slide guitar, you really need to hear this song. Bridie Florence writes with a tenacity and depth of feeling that is unmistakable. If you’re interested in music history and like the connection between blues, gospel, and country music, this track is a veritable history lesson in itself. Much love here.

Penny – “Misery Guts”
-Get ready to tap your feet with this one. It’s got this fascinating minor key that keeps you off step listening to it. I guess the way I could put it is that it is a provocative style. That said, if you are interested in something more than the same old three chord folk song, give this unique artful folk style a shot.

River Matthews – “Stars”
-So take a voice from the 60s like one of the Righteous Brothers and lay it over a timeless pop background… that’s pretty much River Matthews. I just get this image in my mind of the heyday of American pop recording with smoke-filled studios and fantastic suits. I don’t mean to demean the message of the song; it’s a legit romantic record. But wow, does the sound feel timeless.

Mike Errico – “My Sinking Ship”
-The press materials compare Errico to Jason Isbell and I can hear a bit of that. What I think makes for the best point of that comparison is that I’m inclined to believe everything Errico is saying here. His lyrics are dripping with truth and passion. The song goes down smooth. If you’re a fan of that electric guitar Americana style, you’ll like this one.

The Odd 910 – “Long Time Coming”
-If you’re a fan of soul music, you’ll get a big charge out of this track. It’s about as smooth as music can be. There’s a touch of romance, a touch of feel good, and a whole lot of chill. I could listen to this on repeat all day.

Elsie and the Vibe – “Riverside”
-As soon as I click play on this trick I hear Joss Stone. I mean it’s not really her, but it’s the kind of flavor. It’s a really soulful pop track. The track comes with the full component of band and backing singers. This is a radio ready pop track that is sure to appeal to some folks who love a powerful female lead vocal.

Jackie Venson – “Rollin’ On”
-Stay with this one past the song intro because you’ll be rewarded with heavenly blues guitar licks. Venson is out-of-this-world talented on guitar. She makes it look effortless like all the greats. I am excited to watch her rise through the ranks. I’m sure she’ll be a household name, playing shows with Gary Clark Jr. before we know it.

Mike Stocksdale – “A Passing Phase”
-Sometimes artists try to say they sound like Ryan Adams, but Mike Stocksdale actually does. I mean this track sounds like it could have been a hidden track on Heartbreaker. It’s an excellent style of singer songwriter music, expressing deep personal emotions and allowing the song itself to emit the feelings. I really admire this style and this song is a great example of how it’s done.

Jason Hawk Harris – “The Smoke and the Stars”
-Tracks like this keep me blogging; honestly it’s the kind of song that you just don’t expect and it knocks you back in your seat. The layers of harmonics and brilliant sounds lead into a powerful melody full of raw depth and emotion. Fans of Noah Gundersen and David Ramirez will enjoy this track. It’s the real deal.

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