Three Original Singer Songwriters to Soundtrack Your Thursday

Katherine Eisenberg – “Real Nice Guy”

This Brooklyn singer-songwriter is fresh off the release of her debut EP and this single is the gem of the bunch. Wrote for a barista who she fell for in college (we have all been there right?), she has crafted a bouncy pop jam in the lane of Angel Olsen. There are just some tracks that you like without them being too complicated or deep. This is one of those simple yet incredibly talent soaked tracks.

Ed Prosek – “Tear it All Down”

This Californian crooner recorded his newest EP in Berlin and the atmosphere created within this first taste is seemingly heavily influenced by the surroundings. Prosek has crafted a sonic landscape that is minimal but haunting while contrasting its bleakness with a more optimistic vocal part. It is no surprise that it is influenced by Apocalyptic work The Road. There is an enduring uncertainty within its boundaries and shows the talent of this up and coming artist. Flesh & Blood is due for release this month and will be followed by a tour.

Callum Pitt – “Least He’s Happy”

What hits you immediately about this track is the incredibly vocals. It is easy to pick out influences like Fleet Foxes, The War on Drugs, and Bon Iver. It is surprisingly upbeat and swells to a beautiful finish that will stay with you long after the initial listen. Words like dreamy, ethereal, and genuine come to mind when attempting to describe Pitt. He is able to blend many genres to make a sound that stands on its own as a piece of indie gold.

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