LA Buzz Act Toyko Shares Their New Single and Throw in an Awesome Playlist

LA act Toyko has a talent for making affecting tracks that drive a chaos of reactions from mourning to dancing. This is definitely a buzz act to keep track of. While they will be releasing an EP sometime this summer, their single “Like What I Like” is called an “outcast anthem”. “I wanted something that speaks to everyone’s weird side and re-assures them to stay true to themselves – to live loud, and like what you like” – and I think we can all relate to that” says the artist behind the beats. We have the great privilege to share a playlist curated by them below, but first, check out the new single.

Phoenix – 1901

This song sounds like a sunny day.  Definitely an auto-include for any spring afternoon car rides.


Bloc Party – Banquet

Bloc Party was one of our biggest influences when we first started Toyko. This song will ramp up your post-winter energies.


Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks

I listened the shit out of this album in high school. Although I’ve heard this song a million times I’ll never get sick of it.


1975 – Somebody Else

Lots of spring vibes here.  I get a sense of re-growth and renewal from this song.


NoMBe – Young Hearts

We love all of NoMBe’s tracks, but this one screams springtime.  When the post chorus melody comes in I bet you’ll be rocking out.


Panama – Always (Wave Racer remix)

This song has so much energy and happy vibes! A great tune for a spring-time jog. This will definitely get you moving


Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window

This is the perfect song to put on the headphones during a long spring rain.


Breakbot Feat. Irfane – Baby I’m Yours

This song will make you want to go dancing in the rain. So many funky vibes are packed into this tune!

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