Weekend Playlist: A Singer – Songwriter, Prince Protege, and a Few Indie Rockers

Junior Astronomers – “That’s Why”

The Charlotte darlings have returned from successful tours with acts like Manchester Orchestra and Modest Mouse to release their new album Body Language. It is a refreshing piece of indie rock goodness for fans of Young the Giant and Local Natives. “That’s Why” is an explosive track that will make instant fans of the boys. They describe the new album as “a record about love, growth, and the inevitability of change through the course of life. The album thoughtfully portrays the nuances of coming of age, the complexities of relationships, and the finding a new normal in a constantly changing world.” Their true strength is to be able to do this through the vehicle of impossibly catchy hooks and riffs. But don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself.

Jack Follansbee – “The Ground Swallowed Me Whole”

Follansbee use to make music under the Mt. Marcy name but was missing something more personal. He decided to release a more intimate and under produced set of songs that are highly affecting. If you dig singer songwriters who sound like Elliot Smith, then look no further than this soul-bearing artist. He has been leaking tracks out slowly but we cannot wait until a possible EP soon.

Laughed the Boy – “Indifferent”

This new act has all the qualities of a breakout hit. This is a single off their new album and showcases their brand of dreamy instrumentation and clever lyrics. It is everything we love about indie art. If you like bands like Weezer and The Strokes then you are guaranteed to like these Canadian minimalist garage rockers.

Harts – “Peculiar”

Our ears perked up when we heard that this Australian artist had the glowing approval of the gone too soon Prince. The late rocker invited Harts to his Paisley Park Studios and declared, “he reminds me of how I was at that age”. That alone is high praise for the young artist, but with one listen you realize, that he needs no legend to promote his sound, it stands confidently on its own. His is a sound that confidently bobs and weaves through genres to create an exciting and honest piece of rising greatness. There is a debut US release to be dropped soon, and when it does, prepare to hear a lot of it.

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