Three Chilled Out Tracks to Meditate

Maybe meditation isn’t really your thing. You’re probably super cool and super busy, but if you have time to read this you have time to stop (collaborate and listen). But seriously, these are chill tracks that you should really zen out and enjoy.

Seriously, work/chores/whatever will still be there in 10 minutes.

Kisnou – “Falling Deeper”
-No matter if this type of indie electronic chill is your normal or not, you can’t help but enjoy the soundscapes here. It makes me think of a film or video game soundtrack, chilling you out totally. When the bass hits… mmhmm.

Hope Well – “Namaste”
-You know if a song is called “Namaste” it’s going to be super chill. This track will help you connect with where you are and who you are. Give it a chance, seriously. The atmospheric style is literally enlightening. It makes me feel light and free.

Christos Anestopoulos – “Friselland”
-For a completely different kind of chill, this track uses acoustics to conjure similar feelings of light. At times having shades of Americana and other times reflecting the old world, it’s a relaxing musical style. Close your eyes and imagine a different time.

Photo credit: Chris Moorhead / Laguna Beach, California

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