The Best Songs of 2018 (So Far)

It’s certainly never too late to discover good music.
Let me congratulate you for taking the first step to know what’s trending in music industry this year. If you want to check out some of the latest songs of 2018 which you haven’t heard yet (before all your friends are listening to them), find out about them right here on this page. You can be the person among your friends saying, “Did you hear this latest song?” Simply, take a look at the list we have compiled for your below:

“Us’’ by Jennifer Lopez
It’s been quite a while people have waited for Jennifer Lopez to release a new song. A.K.A. was her last music album which was released in 2014. But it seems like J.Lo has geared up again to bring great music for us with her lead single, “Us.”
Following her unique way of singing, with J.Lo songs, the 48-year-old singer is considering the confusions that come with love and relationships in her song lyrics. You will absolutely enjoy this song.

“Capital Letters“by Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop
The first two Fifty Shades songs have been popular as hell. This year the mood for Fifty Shades Freed is a bit lighter. Hailee Steinfeld teams up with BloodPop for this outstanding song “Capital Letters” — a nice club-ready love anthem which is perfect for wedding playlist. If you are getting married this year, this is the song that best wedding live bands can play for you.
This brings my attention towards the heart melting chorus which is: “For worst or for better, gonna give it to you in capital letters.” I personally believe Hailee is quite an underrated pop star. This song is one of the best songs you will find in 2018.

“FRIENDS” by Marshmello & Anne-Marie
Well, I am one of those people who think that it is such a great idea to create a song from the perspective of the friend zone-er? Not from the perspective of one who is facing the rejection, it’s from the perspective of the one who is rejecting.
This song is so different that most people are now proudly proclaiming it as ‘’Official Friend-zone Anthem”. It even has this title for its YouTube Official video. If you like someone and they have said to you in clear words ‘Oh, but we are just friends’ you have been friend-zoned and you better stop chasing them before they WhatsApp you this song. Some people might find the lyrics a bit self-centered. Let me give it some positives: Anne-Marie’s voice is freaking good and charismatic, something you won’t find on pop radio and Marshmello has provided this song a really fine pop production.

“How Long” by Charlie Puth
This is another amazing song to hear in 2018. In “How Long,” Charlie Puth is accepting his faults. His deeply honest new song is one of the most liked songs of 2018. If we focus on the lyrics, his girl has found out that he has cheated on her and she is hurt and upset.
Charlie Puth songs are just awesome. In the light of the fact that Puth’s has remarkable music career so far, you can hope for more hits like “How Long” and “Attention” in coming time. He even got 3 Grammy nominations (including nomination for Song of the Year) for “See You Again,” in his 2015 Furious 7 partnership with Wiz Khalifa that was to honor the late Paul Walker.

“Attention” by Charlie Puth
“Attention” is the similar to the R&B/pop experiment that Justin Timberlake astoundingly mixed in the late years of his music career. Well, this song sounds so perfect due to the fact that Puth worked on the production of this soundtrack all by his own, smartly making an catching bass line and including an appealing 70s-leaning guitar in it.
You find “Attention” more mature and sophisticated than what was presented on Puth’s previous, folk-leaning music releases. Heartbreaks are always ideal for writing hard-hitting and truthful pop tracks. These emotions have the power to effortlessly resonate with listeners and find a high spot on the radio frequencies. If you like heartbreak songs, you are going to love this song for the rest of the year.

“All the Stars” by Kendrick Lamar and SZA
This Kendrick-SZA collaboration is absolutely wonderful! Why? Well, it’s an awesome partnership between the two talented TDE artists, from the songstress’ 2017 music album, Ctrl. And how can I forget to mention this that it’s the very first single for Black Panther’s official movie soundtrack which is co-produced by Lamar. If you haven’t heard this song, go ahead and hear it now.
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Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music.


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