Three Pop Rock Jams to Get You Going for #MusicMondayMarathon

Pop rock music is great for getting the blood pumping. Heck, maybe you are getting in that pre-work workout. These tracks will either have you reminiscing about a good weekend or looking forward to the next one. Enjoy the hooks, friends!

Keels – “Prison Walls”
-This song has that sort of energy that you imagine is inside of a jack-in-the-box. You feel that it’s going to pop right out, but you crank and crank with anticipation. The feeling of the prison walls are realistically portrayed with that pressing style as the track builds. The vocal clarity and smooth melody lines really make this song feel satisfying… but does the music itself ever jump out of the box? You’ll have to listen to find out:

Lefti – “All the Time”
-Turn this one up at the office and you’ll get to see your co-workers of the previous generation get their dance moves on. It’s a really nice groove that comes right from the disco era. Go ahead – show off some dance moves on your way to that second coffee this morning. Although fair warning if you listen to this through ear buds you WILL dance, which could be awkward in the pre-meeting board room. (Seriously I don’t understand everything going on with disco, but the dance groove works great under a spot-on lead vocal. Even the electronic elements are satisfying in their complexity and layers.)

Joy Downer – “Strange Places”
-I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more ironically named band than Joy Downer. The music is full of infectious hooks and well-written lyrics. They are anything but a downer. I love the sentiment of “strange places” that seems like so much of life that we encounter. It’s a dynamic confession of love delicately balanced over a hooky, fun pop rock sound. Dance away!

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