#MusicMondayMarathon – Three Acoustic Singer Songwriters

If you’re a fan of the singer songwriters we usually share here, this little post will be no exception. Prepare to be moved, friends.

Lizzie Kent – “Secrets”
-Call it what you will, Lizzie Kent’s intimate folk style is absolutely captivating. This is like “straight-out-of-her-diary” honest. There’s no beating around the bush with these lyrics, hitting us right in our emotional core. The guitar and backing keys work together for an exceptionally emotive experience via song.

Adam Melchor – “Brook Revisited”
-Adam Melchor’s acoustic style is full and fulfilling. His vocal is really good quality, too, keeping us listening. The influences vary from M Ward to Sufjan Stevens, but the fact remains that Melchor writes from an honest place. He’s sure to find a lot of sympathetic listeners here at ETTG.

Harry Pane – “Fletcher Bay”
-There’s a combination of romance and adventure in this track. Pane’s vocal reminds me of a few other artists from the other side of the “pond,” but mostly George Ogilvie. Pane’s style is endearing and is sure to make a lot of folk fans happy. From the layers in the background to the vocal inflections, it’s a satisfying sound.

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