#MusicMondayMarathon – Keep the energy up with some pop!

Here are four pop tracks to keep your toes tapping this Monday. If you are a fan of these artists, please share with our hashtag #MusicMondayMarathon to help others get in on the fun!

Glassio – “Morning House ft. Charles Fauna”
-This is definitely pop, although not of the Brittany Spears variety. This is a light, poppy dance among the auditory clouds. There’s a cool energy that helps connect the dynamism of they synth with the beat itself. As the sound meshes together with the understated vocal, you are bound to bob your head along with the beat.

Joe Hicks – “Something in the Water”
-The easy comparison here is with John Mayer, but really Joe Hicks stands all on his how. He’s a really talented songwriter. This jam has a snappy feel to it, while also being grounded in traditional bluesy songwriting. The syncopation and romantic lyrics slot together nicely.

Johnny Stimson – “TBT”
-There’s a chill pop rock vibe to Johnny Stimson’s music. There are all sorts of bands that pop into my head when I hear this, but overall it’s just a nice pop cut. The overall feel is relaxing. The sentiment – if I could turn back time – is one that many people wish could happen. But my hunch is Stimson is right; everything would be the same no matter what.

Johnny Stimson – “I’ll Be Fine”
-This one has a little less of the bouncy pop rhythm, but still lives in some great pop chords. The song itself reflects a bluesy, sad sentiment, but does so with a pop electric guitar style. Putting in mind John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and even Greg Holden, Stimson writes the kind of music that has mass appeal and great connection.

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