#MusicMondayMarathon – Album Review: Jessica Pruneau – Love’s on Track (NewMusicFriday Ep. 29 Winner!)

Jessica Pruneau is a country singer songwriter that is bound to please a lot of our readers. Her style is pleasant, keeping the listener smiling and feeling optimistic. “We’re on this road, baby, no heading back.” It’s about endurance and doing life together. What’s not to like?

The title track “Love’s on track” really opens the album nicely. There are ample doses of optimism here. The sound overall is interesting, but also really familiar. She reminds me a bit of a band we’ve covered here called the Harmaleighs, with a great sense of pop melody. It’s reflective without being overly emotionally burdening.

“Miss You Anymore” has a thoughtful reflection on a past relationship. It’s a full band pop country song. Although we tend to feature more of a traditional country sound, the song overall works. It does seem like she’s talking herself into the lyric, though, but it could be true.

I enjoy “Same Old Sweet Home” quite a bit. I’m a sucker for a well-executed nostalgic sentiment. It’s not just about singing about small towns and pick up trucks; it’s about understanding place and identity. Having had a few “trips home” myself, I can relate to the main message of the song. I also appreciate Pruneau’s vocal stealing the day a bit more on this one than the others.

“Happy I Found You” has a bit of an island or coastal flavor to it. It’s definitely not what you’d call typical country, but it does have a bit of “Margaritaville” to it. The positivity to it is infectious. “Fight for us” ends the album nicely with some darker tones, but ultimately a rewarding sound. Pruneau shows off her lower register a bit with this one, but still packs a powerful punch with her thoughtful lyrics and personal reflections.

The album overall is optimistic and will make some fans for Pruneau. The overall pop country flavor is sure to resonate with some of our readers. If you like some of the tracks you hear here, consider giving Pruneau a like and follow so you can catch her live when she tours in your city.

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