A Pop Rock Playlist for #MusicMonday

Rock can come in a variety of forms, so we’re happy to find some that just seem to work together. Check out these pop rock tunes that have us moving our feet and really grooving today. If you like them, too, would you consider sharing this post with a few dozen of your closest friends? Thanks!

Absofacto – “Light Outside”
-More electro than our typical coverage, this track is characterized by a snazzy beat and a cool vocal. The whole sound is positively celebratory. The message of the lyrics seem to be about reconnecting with a lover, but it really the layered vocals work to give the song a fascinating identity.

Tim De Graaw – “Ivory”
-You might call this more blues than rock, but it’s definitely a pop, addictive sound. You can imagine this coming from a Stevie Ray Vaughn record a few decades ago. That said, De Graaw has his own distinctive flavor on this pop rock blues style. If you make it through without nodding your head along with this one, you might want to get your pulse checked.

Army of Bones – “End of Time”
-The band name Army of Bones sounds a bit dark to me, but I learned a long time ago not to judge a band by their name (or album art). This Army of Bones sounds a bit like U2 with an atmospheric power rock sound that I can really embrace. They have a tendency to sing with these happy harmonies, lyrics like “I love you til the end of time.” It’s really just begging to be played at wedding receptions and school dances. It’s optimistic and anthemic; dig it.

Dutch Criminal Record – “Change of Heart”
-This is a really uptempo and addictive rock song by Dutch Criminal Record. The “sounds like” section on the submission said Bombay Bicycle Club and I think that’s pretty much spot on. Whether it’s the overall indie vibe, the cool transcendent vocal, or the chill backing vocals, it all comes together for an endearing rock sound. I look forward to hearing more from these rockers soon!

Tangerines – “Peckham Boys”
-The band that immediately comes to mind when I hear the Tangerines is the Allman Brothers Band. Do you hear it in the guitars? Okay, then the vocal comes in and you’re like… Dylan? Seriously it’s a cool blend that’ll have you pining for an earlier age. It definitely doesn’t sound like a typical 2017 rock band. Everything about the style, the licks, and even the psychedelic delivery all sound like another world… or at least another time. Interesting stuff.

New Carnival – “Run for Cover”
-There’s probably a word for this kind of rock, but I haven’t discovered it yet so I just call it jam rock. The syncopation is strong, the backing vocals highlight the sass of the lead vocal, which soars over a chill rhythm section. When you get to the “I run for cover” hook, you can’t help but sing along. Jam out, friends, because this song begs for dancing and the sense of urgency in the lyrics.

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