Thursday Groove – Four Tracks You Need Right Now

Daniel Trakell – “Paradise”

The feel of this track is aptly given in its name. The first single off his soon to be released EP of the same name, is a piece of near songwriting perfection. Mixing folk with an ethereal rock vibe complete with an affecting trombone, the vocals reminds us of a Brian Wilson outtake. The track sounds easy, but its layered sound and seamless genre skipping prove there is something deeper happening within its wall of sound. The result is something special and deeply human. Be on the lookout for more tracks like this one on his March release.


Welles – “Are You Feeling Like Me”

The first thing you notice on this track is the scratchy, almost off-putting vocals. In a few moments however, they melt into a throwback Beatles style daydream. A song about growing up and wrestling with life, frontman Jehsea describes the track this way: “I’m so captured in the moment of watching yourself aging. That horrifies me and that compels me to write some scary shit … Reality, at times is pretty sour. There’s no sense in making something just for darkness’ sake. I like everything to have a curve on it.” This sense of exploring the unexpected is what granted the act slots at SXSW, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball, to name a few and will continue to serve them well as they prep their Summer debut album.

Ross Henry – “Flux”

Every submission we come across always has a comparison artist in order to best classify their sound. In the indie electro genre, we typically get Chet Faker as a comparison but rarely does it pan out. This is not the case with Ross Henry. In fact, he takes the sound of an artist like Faker and expands on it, taking it to unexpected and ambitious places. Crafting a layered and expressive sound, we totally dig his existential approach to a crowded genre gasping for fresh air. This is a confident artist who is on the top of his craft and we cannot wait to hear what the future holds.

Henry Greene – “Loose”

There is something special here. Beautiful and understated, Greene’s voice floats like a ship in the night of our musical tastes. It drifts in a way we wished more tracks in this genre did. The artist shows incredible restraint in not doing too much and filling in the blank spaces that make this track incredible. This is the final cut from his Real EP and it has driven us to check out the rest of the album. If you are trying to set a mood in your dorm room, kitchen, or automobile, this is an essential album for you. It ‘s creative arrangements and emotive vocals are just what your life needs.

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