Tuesday Evening Jams: 6 Artists to Watch

Heron – “Stillness”

Sometimes a band is able to tell you where they’re from with the sound they create. Heron is such a band. Their ambient but epic sweeping sound screams of their Nowrthwestern Pennsylvania home. They are mountain rich post-rock in every glorious way and provide the listener with a rich and building sound that will challenge as much as it unsettles the standard musical presuppositions. We don’t cover a lot of instrumental tracks, but this one separates itself from the pack in how it punches our soul while soothing our hearts.

VHS Collection – “Wide Awake”

This is a band that showed up on our radar last year, and they only seem to get better. Close to dropping their first full-length release, the act has generated buzz from a ton of outlets and tastemakers. One look at their producer, Chris Zane, will help you to classify their sound. Working with the likes of Passion Pit and St. Lucia, has definitely helped shape the sound of their newest single. This act has an energy and maturity that is refreshing to find hear within an overly populated genre. We cannot wait for the Spring release.

Matadors – “Trumpet Of Conscience”

One listen is all it takes to draw that most sacred of comparisons of a certain British invasion band whose name shall remain unmentioned. This Manchester act is a solid DIY throwback with a fun take on a timeless sound. The artist behind the act – which is said to be only one mysterious artist – is all about simplicity: “get a good idea and record it” is his motto. We appreciate the pop sensibilities and how incredibly catchy this track is, in both it’s lyrics and it’s guitar work.

Filous feat. Mat Kearney – “Goodbye”

Take a nineteen-year-old Austrian multi-instrumentalist who is best known for a cover of “Let it Snow” and team him up with an accomplished songwriter in his own rite Mat Kearney, and you get something special. An emotive electro sound with pop folk leanings, “Goodbye” might just be one of the tightest tracks we have heard in awhile. It flawlessly bounces between musical genres in a way that will attract and maintain audiences of many different styles. Pairings like these are special.

Go Fever – “Come Undone”

This one has a different sound that we like for uncertain reasons. It is catchy and upbeat for sure, but underneath there is a sweeter story of the how lead vocalist Acey Monaro found her husband. It is the first track off of their upcoming self-titled debut that is promised to provide listeners with even more surf pop bubblegum beats.

Rainbow Maniac – “Going Out On My Own”

If this doesn’t sound like a Queens of the Stone Age track a la Rated R, then we have no idea what does. It has some classic riffs with a punk vibe that is sure to punch your musical preferences square in the face. These four Welsh artists met in college and have a shared love for catchy and cocky rock and roll. It doesn’t try to reinvent anything but merely does what the band does so incredibly well – provide a manic and urgent rock sound that builds and falls in less than three minutes. This is their first single off their first upcoming EP and damn is it good.

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