Emerging Electro Music – Four artists to watch!

Electro music can take on a lot of different styles. With the recent rise in a Maggie Rogers style folk electro music, we’ve taken notice of a lot more bands with an electronic element. Here are five we think you should keep an eye (or ear?) out for. They are on the rise.

Ki – “As Long as I’ve Got You”
-When you first start the song, you’ll think it’s just another Mumford and Sons style pop folk band. You’ll not be at all surprised that it’s here on this site. But then about a third of the way through you’ll hear some electro elements that take it down a completely different road. Usually that weirds us out a little, but with Ki the adjustment felt really natural. The elements of the song from vocals to tight composition all made it a no brainer for us. This is a really enjoyable song and we think you, dear reader, will like it too!

Phil Good – “Growing Up”
-Hey it’s a song about maturity, what everyone wants to jam out to on a Friday night dance party. But honestly, it is a danceable jam. I feel like this track was just made for like a late teen, early 20s audience. It’s got this cool pop vibe to it with some really nice hooky electronic elements. It will make you think about your life and your relationships, but will mostly make you move.

Isadora – “Medications”
-If you enjoyed Maggie Rogers’ smash hit “Alaska” last year, you should give Isadora a spin. It’s got that same emotive electro feel to it. The jam will keep you moving and the lyrics are captivating. It’s about love (or is it?). It’s definitely a chill vibe. I can imagine this playing in more of a chill club with some really cool people. It’s not a banger… definitely a sultry quality to it. Isadora’s voice is legit, so don’t sleep on this track.

REI Brown – “Wouldn’t It Be Great”
-Take some electronic elements and lay over a soulful, delicious lead vocal. That’s what you get with REI Brown. It’s a beautiful melancholy. The contemplative sentiment of alternative reality (wondering how things could be) is such a powerfully resonate sentiment in an era of broken, corrupt things. This is what art should do, comfort us with beauty and light – and dreams of a better world. Perfect.

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