A Few Acts to Help Your Post-Inauguration Blues

Flint Eastwood – “Queens”

We have been fans of the Detroit, Michigan songwriter for a while now. We are stoked to see her sign with a major label and release a timely single that is sure to garner attention. A sweeping track with a powerful message, this could easily be the soundtrack for a march on Washington. “Queen was written about the first time I was asked what it was like being a woman in music” the songwriter explains. I’ve always been the boss of my art– I write my own songs, I play shows, I design a lot of my own graphics, make my own videos, craft my own photos, and I hustle alongside an amazing group of people just like every artist does. I had never considered myself different for being a woman. I have always set the standard with my team that I am the boss, regardless of my gender identity.” Her EP is set for release this year and like her last one, was recorded in a 1870’s church that was repurposed as a studio collective.

A.S. Fanning – “Carmelita”

This track was inspired by Fanning’s hometown heroin epidemic and will give you an uneasy feeling for sure. You like it, but you’re not entirely sure why. The Irish newcomer’s debut single has a Devendra Banhart vibe and is as beautiful as it is tragic. It captivated us with it’s haunting instrumentation that will bring to mind other inspirations like Warren Zevon. Fanning will be showcased at SXSW ’17 where he will win more than his share of fans.

COTE – “Cruel”

Stop what you are doing and listen to this one. It’s okay; nothing I can write will do it justice. This unmistakable track is the best brand of human endearment. Swirling through our ears and going directly to our hearts, there is an unspoken tension that the songwriters voice plays out to a more subdued guitar. “Cruel focuses on the darker side of optimism and the consequences that follow. Loneliness had left me vulnerable and willing to ignore my gut instincts. In the end, I was left disillusioned but felt angrier at myself than anyone else” explains COTE. A good single will leave you wanting more as well as longing for more information through social media outlets. We cannot wait to hear her next track.

The Captain’s Son – “Walking Around Purposely”

We finish our list with some good vibes brought to you by a Missouri act with a penchant for surf rock and optimism. For the new EP, set for release in March, the three-piece mix their love of ‘60’s rock with soul and pop harmonies while recording on their own terms, drawing inspiration from “anything from the culture, the weather, the scenery, or the people you’re with will influence what we write” explains frontman Paige Byrd who hopes his band’s art set fans free. “free to do what you want and be who you want, realizing your mistakes and accomplishments, and embracing all of the ups and downs and uncertainties life brings you”. The group digs the retro sound and it comes out beautifully. “If there wasn’t vinyl on the record player, the radio was on or there was a tape in the tape deck. The warmth of that old analog sound constantly filled the room”

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