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This episode of NMF brings several brand new artists to the ETTG site. It covers a range of genres and styles, so maybe they aren’t all for you, but we’re pleased to say that there’s something here for everyone. Whether you love a synthesizer or a banjo, we’ve got you covered here at ETTG. Listen, enjoy, and after you share get your friends to vote too. The more the merrier!

Apsley – “Sold”
-There’s a glowing quality to the sonic structure of this track. It rises and swells with lyric-less vocal expressions. There’s a raw energy to the feeling for sure. The vocals aren’t always clear, but the atmospheric vibe is enough to communicate a meaningful emotion.

Wit – “Broken Clock”
-This is a chill electronic track that shows off a crystal clear lead vocal. The bass hits pretty hard when it comes in, making for a nice bottom to the song overall. This isn’t the club style of hip hop or electronic music. It’s more the kind you put into your headphones and vibe out to it.

Swan Levitt – “You Were Human”
-This track has a nice chill acoustic feel that really works. The vocal has a ton of character, cracking and moving with the roll of the track itself. It all comes together with some powerful lyrics looking back on a meaningful relationship. This is the kind of song that really feels like an accomplishment. It has all the right production elements to communicate the key idea without blowing it out of proportion.

The Show Ponies – “Kalamazoo”
-When you think about folk music, this is the kind of music you’re probably thinking of. The fiddle on the track steals the show. The vocal has the perfect tone that sounds a bit like mountain music. Actually the whole performance is endearing and sweet. The central sentiment, a Ninevah-esque desire not to return to Kalamazoo, sounds like something from classic literature. It is really a great piece of music.

Jetty Rae – “Queen of the Universe”
-If vocals are your thing, you really can’t do better than Jetty Rae’s genuine, soulful vocal on “Queen of the Universe.” This track is moving and meaningful, at times a raw rock sentiment and other times pure rock n’ roll. The lyrics can be a mouthful at times, but they communicate a sort of snarky criticism of someone who thinks they are in charge of everything. The sass in the vocal, especially, make this a great listen.

River Lynch and the Spiritmakers – “Don’t You Bother”
-River Lynch and the Spiritmakers could be a lot of different genres, but we’re going to call them Americana. They have the ability to rock, for sure, but there’s also a driving momentum to their style that seems like it would be comfortable on the streets of New Orleans. In other words, the sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit. The message of the song is spiteful and angry, which works really well with the aggression found in the guitars, drums, and vocal.

Luke Minx – “Say Anything” ft. Mike Dupree
-This is a powerful pop rock anthem that reminds me of 30 Seconds to Mars. There are some electronic elements that blend with the big rock sound. It all comes together for an ear-pleasing pop rock anthem. The lyrics are seeking reconciliation with a loved one. It comes across as deeply human and meaningful, perhaps in a word, “sincere.”

Chase McBride – “On the Other Side”
-Chase McBride writes with a relaxed feeling, a bit like Jack Johnson. The guitar’s voice comes through not like a guitar but like a duet vocal. It’s really a beautiful feeling written by a songwriter with a genuine sense of melody. The empathy that drips from the track is really moving, causing us all to take pause and ask, “Am I lost in the light?”

Field Music – “uuu”
-If you like lofi folk music, you have to hear Field Music. With the sincerity of an Allan Lomax Leadbelly recording, Field Music is the real deal. The lyrics are poetic and powerful, if even silly using the “uuu” abbreviation for the title. The subtle and effective harmony vocal helps to cement the intimacy of the track overall.

Ladyfang – “How Long”
-Put some slick modulation on your guitar pedal and some sleek vocals, you’ll get close to the Ladyfang sound. It’s full of energy and the sharpest hook you’ve ever heard. It’s a cool kind of music that you can picture the people at a show all singing along to it. The vocal lines are melodic (great to sing with) and the guitars are just the right combination of angry and celebratory. Once the guitars sing out on the bridge, you’ll immediately get your toes tapping (or outright full body dancing).

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