Three of the Most Interesting Tracks We Heard This Week

New Mystics – “Sparrows”

I have to be honest; I fell in love with this band before I even heard their lead single. The only description on their bio is this: “I’ve made a lot of music in my life, I’ve created and toured with some of the greatest bands in the world . . .But I’m losing my fucking mind and I want to live another life.” Now if this doesn’t endear the band to you, then nothing will. Their sound mixes CSNY with a more modern Woodstock loving sound. It is simple but intriguing; it’s perfect for meditation and reflection. Keep a look out for this band as they continue to blend genres with reckless abandon.

Over the Trees – “From the Sidewalk”

This Norwegian act will force you inward with their style of reflective and deeply emotive sky rock. This particular track floats unrestricted into a new realm of meditative indie rock territory. Garnering buzz for their upcoming debut album, the act has already gained comparisons to Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky while playing bigger festivals and supporting Ear to the Ground darlings Milo Greene. They have an intriguing sound that breaks with genre and holds up against any current act. These guys show a lot of promise.

Ezkiel – “Drugz”

It is rare that we cover an artist that has more in common with Justin Timberlake than Justin Townes Earle but this track commands a listen. A minimal electro sound is carried by soulful vocals that demand heartbreak. This is not for everyone but we believe it is interesting enough to explore. It flirts with a pop sound but never truly commits. The tune is indie enough to keep it interesting and heartfelt enough to garner admirers.

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