The Falling Birds – New Grunge For a New Year

I don’t know where you currently reside, but where I am, we are experiencing a cold snap that crushes even the most cheerful of spirits. The months after the holidays are always rough here. It is crucial during these times that we find the right soundtrack to nudge (or drag) us out of our winter blues. On these cold days, piano ballads are simply not going to do the trick. We need rock, and it has to have teeth.


Enter the garage duo from NYC known as The Falling Birds. Their brand of fuzzed out lo fi rock is reminiscent of Nirvana in a way we have not heard before. Instead of blatantly ripping off the sound of early grunge, they reimagine it with their own ferocious voice. Their upcoming EP What is There to Talk About (February 17) is garnering praise and anticipation. Recently they have won accolades like “10 Must See Trios at CMJ” and Myspace Music Artist of the Day”. Their sound has been described as being “chock full of the kind of fuzzed out western grunge any god fearing parent would not want their teenager to listen to” (The Vinyl District). Lead singer Stephen Artemis has a mixed range that sounds like Jack White meeting Billy Corgan.


The strength of The Falling Birds is not doing too much but simply letting the music lead them into the pit of classic rock, grunge, and punk influences. They are the perfect sound for your winter frustration and are one of the most exciting bands we have heard in awhile. Make sure to listen to their newly released “Let’s Rewind” below and while you’re at it, check out their acclaimed video for “My Girl”. Hold on, spring is coming.

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