Three Outstanding Songwriters for this Winter Weather

Photo credit: Sarah Samblanet

Whether you’re in the high snow drifts of the Pacific Northwest or stuck home in an uncharacteristic southeastern snow storm, here are three singer songwriters making beautiful music to help keep you warm during this winter weather.

Tim Walker – “It Hurts the Heart”
-The easy comparison for Tim Walker is Ben Abraham, fellow Australian acoustic singer songwriter. But Walker stands alone in his own abilities. This track has romantic elements, of course, but it also has a sonic quality to it that is sure to sooth the listener. In short, it has a warmth that is comforting and endearing. The sentiment is so true, too, when wrestling with what heartache really means.

Enok Amrani – “Takin’ Back My Freedom”
-This Norweigan singer songwriter brings an incredible precision to his songwriting. One of the comparisons you might here is actually Ryan Adams. The lyrics and the overall style do follow with Adams, but Amrani has his own unique style too. The line “taking back my freedom and staying right here” is one of those punchy folk/country lines that makes for a good song. The entire feeling of the song is “chill and get over it.” It’s perfect for this insular, reflective time of year.

Mark John – “City Lights”
-Mark John writes with a fire in his music. You can hear from the opening notes of this song that he’s not just crooning along a sweet song; he wants to inspire his listeners. “Now we found a way!” The song begins with a chill vibe, but it quickly opens into a full rock song. It’s about finding yourself in the big city, but it’s also about the remarkable loneliness found there. You will survive with the love of other people. Sonically it’s got a dash of John Mayer or George Ezra, with an inspiring and exciting “take on the world” spirit.

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