Five Female Fronted Acts to Rock You to the Weekend

Blame it on my youthful crush on Joan Jett, but I have always thought there was something badass about a female led rock band. Perhaps it was the lack of coverage or the way promoters shamelessly prioritized their looks over their art that made me want to give coverage to an underappreciated section of music. While the beautiful thing of art is that it transcends gender, there is still a unique perspective that they bring to their craft and for that, we are thankful. So without any ado, we present five female led acts that are sure to make you take notice.

Anyone’s Guess – “So Long”

Probably the hardest rock on the list, this Orlando based trio is set to make an equally as loud impact on 2017 with their fifth studio release Commitment Issues (January 6th). Their first single “So Long” is a classic rock tune for those who have been cheated on. “I’ll fill these rooms with screams and moans, one for every year you took, one for every one I lost” sings lead vocalist Sanja Jovanovic. Their sound brings to mind acts like Paramore and Halestorm while still having a unique and ambitious sound of their own. If you like your rock unpretentious and honest, then their new EP will definitely be for you. It was mixed and mastered by some big names that helped to sharpen their already killer sound.

It Takes A Village – “CITYLiGHTS”

A new project for siblings Coco (vocals) and Stee (multiple instruments/production), the Los Angeles based act is familiar to the spotlight. With a MTV reality show in their background, the Switzerland raised duo have opened for rock royalty including Thirty Seconds to Mars and Scott Weiland while their self-titled EP shows the epic scope of their sound. The new single showcases smooth and stadium worthy electro pop mixed with the powerful soul-quivering vocals of Coco. “CITYLiGHTS” was influenced by her L.A. backdrop: “When I feel lost I like to watch the city lights,” she says. “They remind me of how big this city, this world, this universe is. And then I realize I’m not alone and I’ll get through whatever I’m going through. It has a healing effect.”  The track is set to release to the public soon, and man is it worth the wait. Until then, check out the ultra pop masterpiece “Collide” below.

Harlea – “You Don’t Get It” / “Miss Me”

The guitar tone of UK artist Harlea won us over within seconds and we are not alone. Her debut single, “Miss Me”, reached a cool half-a-million streams before you could say “soulful rock”. Her talent seems to be limitless and is only affirmed by the soon to be released “You Don’t Get It”. Her sound is described well by herself: “It’s about living life on your terms and being true to yourself. You do what you want, when you want and how you want. It is defiant of a male world in which women are expected to fit.  You either fit her world, her needs, her desires or you don’t get her.” Garnering much deserved praise by NME, Harlea is set for a huge and loud 2017. She is far more than a shallow and pretty rock prop. Her art shows a deep understanding of both music and art. One listen is all it will take to sell you on her immense talent.

Julia DeTomaso – “Tell Me”

Julia makes mature electro pop music that is beyond her 17 years on earth. The Orlando artist garnered accolades for her songwriting that is showcased on this track as well as the numerous covers found on her Soundcloud page. Playing in the FLA band Official Outcome, the young singer songwriter was able to get a following that has helped fund her dream of creating great music. We are sold out on her new solo direction and cannot wait to hear more from this talented songstress. Check out “Tell Me” below and let us know what you think.

Violet Skies – “Jealousy”

This Wales raised artist has a deep talent for her particular brand of synth heavy electro pop. Reminiscent of James Blake and Massive Attack, the singer has released a series of singles that found strong support by BBC recently. She has also played the likes of Glastonbury and SXSW and is set to release what is sure to be a hit EP later this year with her first single (which is super secret at this point) finding release at the end of this month. She probably has the most ambitious sound on this list and we are guaranteeing some heavy coverage to follow in the new year. She has a dreamy, emotive, and creative sound that is sure to bring her heavy streams and downloads with her much anticipated release. Get to know her now so you can tell your friends of this surefire star.

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