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Well this is the last NMF of 2016 so let’s make it a good one. These are some fantastic tracks from a variety of genres. We’ve been privileged to field a lot of submissions over the past month, so these are some of the best. Hey if you like one, vote for it please. Even better, if you happen to enjoy several on this list click the Soundcloud link and give these kind folks a follow. Tell them EarToTheGround sent ya!

Paul Pfau – “See You Better”
-If you like slow developing authentic folk music, you’ll love this track. Paul Pfau reminds me of another Paul from a few years back, Paul MacDonald. This song reminds me a bit of MacDonald’s iconic cover of “Blackbird.” There’s an endearing element to this recording that keeps me coming back to it over and over. The sweet romantic message of the song is perfect for an anniversary or a love playlist.

The Bomb – “Everybody’s Famous”
-This is some no-shit rock and roll. The vocal by Rachel Fannan easily draws comparisons with Grace Potter. Fannan and company deserve to be in conversation with iconic rock performers, allowing guitars to screech and scream like the heyday of hair metal. The concept of the song – about regional fame – is important in keeping perspective about who we are. But who am I kidding; this is just a great song to rock!

Brumby – “Leave a Light On”
-The music of Brumby defies genre as it is a sort of blend of pop rock and 80s top 40 sounds. I hear shades of Bon Jovi and George Michael, both in different ways. There are elements of cool, crisp rock and some other shades of something a bit more fuzzy and atmospheric. In any event, this song might find a real fanbase among people who enjoyed some big hair in the 80s or its current resurrection.

Throwing Plates – “Room for a Sinner”
-Not every country artist really seems to know what the genre means, but Throwing Plates is all about that country life. The song has a real gospel feel and a deep sense of country tradition. It’s a cool, easy going country song with quality vocals and thoughtful lyrics.

Ball Park Music – “Pariah”
-I really enjoy Ball Park Music on this track “Pariah.” There’s a thoughtful set of lyrics layered over a gentle aesthetic. It’s a powerful composition that feels more like a sonically delivered poem rather than a song in a conventional sense. The vocal blending on the break before the rest of the rock elements kick in really shows the talent of this band. The variety of sounds on this one track alone show a glimpse of a promising art rock group.

Citizen of the World – “In the Moment”
-This track has a cool and calm opening that feels equal parts like indie pop and atmospheric folk music. My favorite part of the song, though, is the vocal harmonies. The “don’t you know?” lyric really soars on this track. The song is romantic in its spirit, but comes across like an Enrique Iglesias tune from the late 90s. But don’t hate, it accomplishes that with authenticity and conviction.

Meteor Fright – “Can You Help Me?”
-If you like Green Day, you’ll like Meteor Fright. The sound is driving pop punk that will keep you interested. The chords and overall style seem to come from the early 2000s but they do have some fresh dubbing to them. Maybe it’s autotune? I can’t tell exactly. But the sound is addictive and conducive to the ear. The lyrics are appropriate for most indie rock, leaving the listener on the outside of an inside conversation. That said, the song rocks so hard we had to share it here.

Bullrider – “Curious”
-You really can’t have rock music without some angst. You just gotta get angry. That comes through on Bullrider’s track “Curious,” an attitude-laden piece that makes your head bob with the bass drum. The guitar work strums with some glowing chords, but the accents on the electric blend beautifully. Really (maybe unsurprisingly) the harmonies win the day, but the whole composition is next level good. We’re going to keep an eye on these cats, for sure.

The Fangs – “Once and For All”
-If you enjoy a certain type of rock energy, somewhere between The Pogues and arena rock, you’ll love The Fangs. There’s an aggressive joy to the sound that I keep coming back to it. The song is ultimately about closure, but it covers that really serious theme with some really intriguing style. The vocals go in different directions, providing some gang vocals and some other solo elements that soar in their own way. The bridge sounds like fun. from a few years ago. It’s an addictive song. Give it a spin.

Jessica Pruneau – “Love’s On Track”
-Sometimes the line between country music and folk music is pretty blurry. Well, let’s say it should be. The instrumentation is often similar and the themes of the music are as well. Jessica Prunea’s song “Love’s On Track” is about a breakup that didn’t actually happen. It’s really a sweet song that is full of love and acceptance. It has both a sense of adventure and a lovely feeling of momentum. In all seriousness, it reminded me of my aunt and uncle’s farm house. It’s about that journey of being together and making a beautiful life together.

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