Milo Greene – Your Tuesday’s Must Hear Band

There is something familiar and beautiful hidden inside the music of LA’s indie pop band Milo Greene. Melodic and building, their music has a way of seeking your soul out and giving it a soundtrack. Recently the act signed with Nettwerk, and is expecting to release an EP in ’17. To celebrate, they have released the first single off the upcoming album, and man is it good. “We Kept The Lights On” showcases everything good in the band’s arsenal of creativity and talent. Urgent and cinematic, we find the band exchanging vocal duties with breathless ease. One of the unique traits of Milo Greene are their ability to have all four members share both vocal and songwriting duties. This is amazing when you think how difficult it is to balance all the personalities in a band. The song also has a sparse but soul-crushing guitar that sets the mood well as it builds to an epic climax.


“This song feels like it’s at the epicenter of our collective sensibilities as a band. It’s sultry and haunting, but also melodically focused and driven by increasingly heavy drums and electric guitars. It just really feels like Milo.” explains multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Graham Fink.


We think this is a band to watch in ’17. One listen, and you are sure to agree. They already have two pretty stellar LP’s and are fixed for continued success as they build their fanbase. Check out their new single below:

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