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This New Music Friday feature has been fun to run so we’re going to keep it rolling for a bit longer. This one will have a bit more of a focus to it, mostly highlighting some pretty intriguing indie rock bands. Since they’re so similar, if you could why not go ahead and share it with all your cool hipster indie rock friends. C’mon, I know you have one… or five. Share it! They’ll be so glad you did.

Maximum High – “Long Ago”
-Our first submission came to us all the way from Greece! The sound is aggressive and a bit addictive, too. The groove is explicitly placed, keeping the head bobbing and the toe tapping. In some ways the song is a bit hypnotic. Anyways, it’s a cool groove with an aggressive style that many are bound to like.

Paris Youth Foundation – “Losing Your Love”
-This Paris Youth Foundation song feels like how indie rock should sound all the time if I was the maestro of the style. The guitars glow perfectly, the beat is good and keeps you engaged, while the vocals are consistently on point. It’s not too aggressive, but it does keep things moving nicely. It’s actually a kind of breakup song, but it’s a cool juxtaposition of sound and message.

BRY – “You’re Alright”
-Okay maybe you have this category in your musical brain like I do… it’s somewhere between pop music and rock music. It’s like this feel-good style of rock that you can go to on a sad day. Bands living there are like Hootie and the Blowfish and Phish. There’s actually potentially a party going on in that part of your brain all the time. Anyways this song fits into that style of music with some gang vox on the chorus and an inherently optimistic message. Put it in your happy place and visit the song often.

AMZY – “Words”
-The energy of AMZY’s track “Words” is infectious. You can feel it building from the start of the track. We tend not to cover much pure electro music, but when it’s integrated into a kickin’ rock song like this it’s just too good to pass up. I can imagine really tearing up a dancefloor (or venue floor) to a jam like this. The vocal is clear and energizing in its own way, expressing sincere lyrics about wanting to be with a potential love. Been there, man, and it’s worth singing about!

Shanghai Blues – “Run”
-Shanghai Blues have a snazzy rock sound. The guitars pop nicely and the percussion snaps right along. The vocal soars over top of the cool, crisp sound. It’s got a nice feeling to it that is equal parts chill rock and moving alt rock jam. The staccato style works really well with the overall sound. They seem like really cool dudes just singing about a tumultuous past as if it’s not a big deal. It’s how we do.

Sylvette – “Waiting in the Bliss”
-This track may not seem like a typical rock jam like some others, but it is a phenomenal song. It reminds me a bit of Led Zeppelin’s slower songs. There’s a clear and pointed emotionalism in the song. The instrumentation includes strings to go with the traditional rock style. There’s nothing traditional about the melody, though, presenting an experimental and evolving sound that unsettles and conjures.

Kasador – “Talk about it”
-I really enjoy the cool energy of this track. It feels a bit like Michael Jackson pop mixed with some sort of chill rock band. The rhythm is what gets me, though. It’s certainly set up for some choreography. I also really like the lyrics, too. The message is about open communication (or lack there of) in a relationship. It’s not often you’ll hear such open counseling conversation in a pop song. It works, trust me.

Daniel in Stereo – “Yours”
-This is an excellent rock jam that is sure to put a smile on your face. The production quality on this track is exceptional, allowing for the sound to really cut through the air. The overall feeling is a kind of pop rock akin to Walk the Moon or The 1975. It’s an enjoyable song, highlighting a romantic relationship. But what really makes the sound “pop” for me is the punctuated guitar riffs and clean vocals. It’s just a really great track.

The New Electric – “Ride This Feeling”
-The New Electric have an uptempo pop rock style that is sure to have popular appeal. They just need to get into the right channel. (Tastemakers, what???) So yeah, share this jam with your friends. Whether you’re looking for a cruising jam, a running track, or just something to listen to while you work, this song oozes pop gold. It’s about feeling good and enjoying life and it works really well in the way that “fun” did a few years back.

The Y Axes – “Umbra”
-I really enjoy the pop glow of this track. It almost feels like a theatrical piece more than a conventional rock anthem. That said, the song works really well. The lead vocal is strong and holds the track together nicely, but the guitars really steal the show on this. It’s a cool sound that feels like the amalgamation of several eras of music, but most evidently some quality mid-90s alt rock (oh nostalgia!).

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