New Soul: Meghan Mary Gibbs and Scott Pettigrew

Soul is such an exciting style of music. It makes me close my eyes and connect with people. You can feel their stories and it will just melt you. These two talented individuals can definitely do that. Take a minute out of your hectic day to feel something special with these two.

Meghan Mary Gibbs – “How Do You Know?”
-The lyrics on this song are pretty classic, but the instrumentation seems like it could have been recorded 40 years ago. Gibbs’ vocal is absolutely stellar, making for a sultry and warm sound that really works well. When the newer electronic beat enters the track, it does change the ambiance a bit. That said, the classic soul tradition comes through in the vocal structure and style. I’d love to hear Gibbs do a throwback album with all the other style tunes.

Scott Pettigrew – “Read Between the Lines”
-Scott Pettigrew can sing better than most of the INDUSTRY, regardless of genre. The fact that he can do it within such a vocal-heavy genre just shows off his amazing chops. The beat on this track moves along, but it’s really the vocal that wins the day. The lyric content of the track is pretty tragic; it’s about a forbidden relationship. That forbidden fruit does seem to be a little bit sweeter. It’s a nice new soul track, spanning the old school vocal style into a new school instrumentation for admirable effect.

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