Three of the Catchiest Songs We Heard This Week

Evan Magee – “Starve”

The description tells you all you need to know: “if you’re feeling salty about your ex, you should share this song.” A classic break up song, this short lamentation will call to mind acts like the Lumineers and George Ezra. The content is pretty creative, calling back to a time when the protagonist was barely making it. This has all the calling cards of a folk pop hit – stomps, handclaps, and jangly guitar – without being cliché. You are guaranteed to like something from this surprisingly upbeat jam.

Shuffle Baby – “Do You Wanna”

Their debut single, “Do You Wanna” is extremely catchy. Depending on your musical bent, this could be a really good thing. An earworm of organ and Hives style rock, you are sure to move and shake with abandon. It is by no means a perfect song, but is a blast to listen to. At first glance it may seem a bit campy, but there is a surprising amount of creativity and blending of different genres in this talented group’s first single. It takes incredible talent to write a pop hit, and these guys have seemed to have a corner on the market.

We The Ghost – “Let Me Know”

Here is an act made for the radio. An incredibly upbeat and well crafted pop act, the Tulsa five-piece have already found considerable success including opening for kindred spirits Imagine Dragons and winning Rock Album of the Year ant the L.A. Music Awards for their 2013 release Sinking Suspicion. “Let Me Know” may be the catchiest of the tracks shared today. It had us singing along with vocalist Beau Tyler’s optimistic voice. A hint of violin throughout is also a nice touch and shows the depth of this band who are a surefire bet to keep dropping thoughtful and catchy post rock hits.

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