Three Different Versions of Modern Folk Music

Folk music has taken on some interesting evolutions over the centuries. There are timeless forms of folk and some others that feel new and unique. We often feature emerging folk bands here that take on different takes in these traditions. These three acts show some divergent (yet all appealing) versions of folk music.

Valley Shine – “Home”
-Valley Shine have a sound that feels a bit like the Oh Hellos, who our readers tend to love. When I first heard this song, I swooned. I mean there’s so much positive energy to it. That was several weeks ago and now the song feels especially necessary. “You’re my home away.” Been there and know someone who is that to me. The song has beautiful layered harmonies and a thoroughly melodic sense. It will have you clapping your hands and involuntarily smiling.

LeBarons – “I’ll Come Back”
-If you like the Lumineers, you’ll enjoy LeBarons. There’s a real uptempo, joyous feel to the recording. But this isn’t just feel good music; the lead male vocal has just enough gruffness to make the song feel a bit raw and rich, too. The female vocal softens the track just enough to make it feel sweet and welcoming. The odyssey at the heart of the story is, of course, a journey home. But in the rollicking, rolling rock music, listeners get to enjoy the sonic journey. Hopefully Penelope does not forget how loved she is…

Joe Osborne and the Winter Moon – “The Republic”
-Saying that a singer songwriter is “like Dylan” might be the highest possible compliment, but honestly Joe Osborne and his band have that deserving moniker. The politically charged lyrical content, harmonica, and post-plugin Dylan sound works all quite nicely. The song rolls along a bit, complete with Dylan-esque inflection on the lead vocal. Although inherently about a love situation, the lyrics often go back to themes of war and destiny also. It’s really a class folk song.

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