The Many Faces of 21st Century Rock Music

Rock can take on many different textures and tones. Here we have several emerging artists in the rock vein who approach the music in unique ways. What does it take to be rock? Well the guitar, the bass, and the drums seem necessary. But there’s an attitude that should be there too. Check out these rockers and “like” for more… so to speak.

Bull Moose Party – “Headlines”
-This is one of my favorite rock songs I’ve found all year. Seriously Bull Moose Party perfectly embody the rock ethos. I love the bluesy rock licks on this track. It’s got some Guns n’ Roses feel along with a bit of classic Led Zeppelin. This is what rock feels like in the depth of my soul. The lyrics are quintessential blues rock, too, carrying on a worthy tradition in rock music.

ISLAND – “A Place You Like”
-If you’re listening to your furnace hum in the background, the warm tones of this ISLAND track will make you feel a lot warmer. There are sounds here, from the percussion to the lead vocal, that feel absolutely comforting. It’s the kind of music I picture listening to while I’m literally sitting on the beach. The sentiment of the song is really kind of sweet, wanting to be with someone in their favorite place. This song belongs on everyone’s summer playlists, too!

Dave Cavalier – “Danger on the Dancefloor”
-It drives me insane that I can’t figure out what this song reminds me of, but I can tell you it’s a hot scene in a place you want to be. There’s an energy here that is equal parts Elvis and someone far more recent (maybe Justin Timberlake?). Stylistically it blends the 60s and 70s I suppose, but it has a freshness that’s sure to get people up out of their seats to that dancefloor. It’s dangerous there, though, because you might find something you like.

-BALTO have a sound that blends a sort of Billy Joel pop ethos with a chill rock coolness (maybe like some of Chicago’s stuff). It comes together perfectly, though, with a complicated composition that feels as natural and easy as anything. The song’s progression and harmonies are really at the next level. It makes you wonder a bit about the spirit behind this complex piece. The bluesy influence seeps through everywhere and shines especially on the solos. They seem like a fun band and I hope to hear more from them soon.

Karuna – “Holding Up This Skin”
-So Karuna’s sound might be described as “shoegazey,” what with the glowing guitars and chill overall vibe. This may not be a Beatles or Zeppelin form of rock, but it captures every bit the rock ethos (especially after the break). It has aggressive guitars and heartfelt, raw lyrics. The whole sound comes together for something pleasingly powerful. It’s not your grandfather’s rock; it deserves your attention.

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