Soul Music for the Soul

Soul music is one of the balms for our souls in this life. It can caress and counsel us, it makes us feel connected to the rest of the world, and it tells us that it’s okay to cry when somebody leaves you. Soul music is about love and loss. Soul music is about being better than you were yesterday, but knowing it’s okay to hurt. We need soul music. Here are three soul tracks that will be good for your soul.

Begonia – “Out of My Head”
-Soul is all about pulling out of yourself and helping acknowledge the deep humanity you’re living in. The repeated, “keep on livin'” lyric is so powerful in this track. Begonia can flat out sing, making for a powerful and engaging, soulful experience. The production around the lead vocal is on point, too, giving an Amy Winehouse feel to a really high quality song.

Brennan Villines – “Crazy Train”
-Okay so this one isn’t an original, it’s the Black Sabbath classic “Crazy Train” reimagined as a soul track. It works SO. FREAKING. WELL. I really enjoy this track. The piano and sincere vocals are the best part. Although the electro feels a bit tangential, Villines’ vocal work is so good that it makes the track absolutely soar. I’m looking forward to following his career and hearing what his own soulful lyrics might sound like.

Tameca Jones – “Hot and Bothered”
-Tameca Jones (no relation) is an incredible singer! Her vocals really will put you in mind of the classics like Aretha Franklin. In fact, the modern comparison is Amy Winehouse, but something in the quality of her delivery feels a bit more vintage than that. The song is a raw, emotional love and lust jam. But beyond that, the soul inherent in the track defies the typical club style so popular today. This is a track full of powerful, genuine soul.

*NOTE: Track would not let us embed.  Please follow link to hear the song on Soundcloud.

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