Two Atmospheric Tracks for a Contemplative Mood

Some moments in life deserve time to just think and reflect. I don’t want to be too presentist with this introduction, but let’s just say that many of us have a lot of concern in our minds and hearts on a night like tonight. As we focus on a hopeful future and dream, we can’t help but let dystopian nightmares creep in. These songs will help you think about those developments. Seek the hope, dear friends.

Hollow Twin – “Bound by Blood”
-This song is about humanity and connection. We are all in this together. It’s also about our temporal identity on earth. It’s a powerful and engaging song. The atmospheric structure reminds me a bit of one of my favorites, Sleeping at Last. As you listen you’ll find yourself drawn introspective; it’s a song that makes you think about who you are and a bit about how you relate to the people around you.

Erik Jonasson – “Autumn Falls”
-There’s something in the timbre of Erik Jonasson’s voice that is endlessly fascinating. It’s a familiar wrinkle that sounds like someone you’ve heard before, but it’s also truly unique. The song begins with a really chill singer songwriter vibe. As it blossoms into a larger pop rock style track, the vocal really seals the deal. The atmospheric quality continues to emerge. The lyric “I’m wearing winter clothes when the autumn falls” is indicative of a particular mood; it’s perfect for this November night. Stunning.

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