For Fans Of: The Glorious Sounds of Chet Faker

There are all sorts of different descriptions for music these days.  The subgenres have subgenres.  But as we struggle to define music, sometimes the best way to share and explain it is to compare with other great music.  The term “indie rock” can carry with it so many different bands, so here is a short list of music for fans of Chet Faker.  Do you want to help these bands?  Then go to your socials and share with your friends who you know totally dig on some Chet Faker.  It will make everyone happy.

Phil Good – “Sleeping In”
-If you like Chet Faker, you’ll dig this track from Phil Good. We sometimes tell people we don’t cover electro music, but that’s not totally true. We cover electro if it sounds like this and is primarily driven by a rock ethos. The groove is so good it’s impossible to listen to a sit still. It’s a dance hit with a ton of natural charisma. I dig it.

Crywolf – “Quantum Immortality”
-If I’m being honest, I’m not really sure I know what “quantum immortality” means, but it sounds emotional and complicated. The composition of this track by Crywolf is full of layers of interesting sounds. It’s electronic, sure, but there’s a core sound that is really a pop song. The vocal is quality and the chords create a brooding feeling, only for dark minded listeners. I appreciate the richness of the sound that keeps things moving despite being deeply emotional.

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