Three Indie Rock Jams featuring Foxkeeper’s “Haunted Houses”

Check out these three cool indie rock jams. Each have unique styles, but show the versatility of a genre and its ability to invoke substantive emotions.

Foxkeeper – “Haunted Houses”
-This track has a cool production balance that allows the vocals to soar perfectly. The rock style guitars keep the emotional overall composition from feeling overly emo. The entire sound balances out for a sense of confident desperation. I would say this is something for fans of Dashboard Confessional and other emotional music from that early 2000s era.

Parrotfish – “Prom Song”
-This jam opens with some cool 60s-era guitars and bluesy rock beat. It sounds like something the “kids” would have swayed to back in the day. Even the harmonies are glowing and placid. That is until you listen to the lyrics and realize it’s about a drunk guy trying to get some. It’s a little less sweet. But that said, the chill on the song overall, especially in those tasty guitars, makes for an enjoyable overall listen.

Troup – “Always on Fire”
-Every once in a while you hear a voice that’s just perfect for college rock music. The lead singer of Troup has that cool quality. The overall composition is unique, too. I can’t quite put my finger on the comparisons, but if you’re a fan of the electro-rock infusion that is really popular right now, this is a pretty spectacular example of it. Sometimes I get the sense that a band would be really fun to hear live and this is one of those bands. There’s a loud, live rock show ethos to this track.

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