Two piano singer songwriters to make you swoon

Something about the old “tickling the ivories” that has always had a way of melting people. From the days of Duke Ellington and George Gershwin to the contemporary pianists of today, there are many different ways to go about evoking emotions with song. Here are two talented musicians who use pianos and hand-crafted lyrics to make the listeners swoon.

Lucas Jack – “Fool’s Gold”
-I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Lucas Jack has spent a lot of years listening to Elton John and Billy Joel. His songwriting, especially the chord structure and rhythm, sound like they are right off of an Elton John album. But the thing is I’m not even mad. It’s such a really addictively interesting pop song. I love how he has this ability to write lyrics that reveal realities of life. It’s about a person putting up a front, which is to say like everyone in suburbia. It’s great that he can speak truth to the reality with such an enjoyable style and song.

Freja Frances – “Porcelain Doll”
-This track has an intimacy to it that we rarely get to hear in music today. Something about the composition reminds me of Evanescence. But beyond that, the style really is piano with an influence from electro and even indie rock stylings. As it all comes together around complex lyrics, listeners can’t help but feel a sense of wide-eyed wonder. It’s a story of someone trying to put on an identity front like a porcelain doll. “Isn’t it enough to be yourself for a while?” Fascinating and thought provoking…

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