Sincere songwriting with Michael G. Moore

If you’re a fan of genuine, interesting songwriting, then Michael G. Moore’s piano-based music is going to hit the right notes for you. With a sincerity rarely heard in today’s hit-minded culture, Moore’s composition is ready for the big time. He makes me feel the way I did when I first heard Ben Rector. There’s a nice combination of pop joy and classical polish. It all comes together for a delightful overall sound.

“Start Again”
-This track has a rolling piano line that will put you more in mind of classical music than anything on most pop radio stations. But the lyrics, “start again… I’m not ready for this” is a concept that transcends human experience. How many of us can relate? But then the music shows off an incredible vocal range and a voice that sounds so familiar, you swear you’re going to see him in church this weekend. If “guy next door” was a thing, Moore’s voice and songwriting make him seem he is that man. The fact that he pulls it off seemingly so effortlessly is exactly what makes his talent so fascinating.

“Saying Goodbye”
-Again the piano and the voice work impeccably together. There’s a jazzy core to this track, although it’s delivered in a smooth and easy way. It comes across more as a genuine pop song than as a pure jazz tune. What appeals to me most, though, is the sense of melody. The “you’re still the one” message balanced with the need to leave is so powerful and some of us can really relate. The fact that Moore can write with such a frank style in a way that makes us want to close our eyes and say “mmhmm” while we listen… well, that’s just the gift of a talented songwriter.

I can assure you I’ll be checking out this full album and gladly following Moore’s career. If you find yourself enjoying this music as well, help Michael out by checking out his music online and share it with you friends. Keep making this world a better place, please.

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