Under the Radar: Some new tunes for your #MusicMonday

#MusicMonday is a cool hashtag because people looking for new music have a nice weekly way to find some. Also, it’s pretty much the worst day of the week, so we can all have a blast at least sharing music with each other. Now that new albums come out on Fridays, you also have some time to see which of the new albums are catching buzz by Monday. So much fun! Anyways, here’s a nice list with some variety. You might not love them all, but we bet you’ll love a few. Enjoy!

Tom Sims – “I Won’t Do That”
-For fans of traditional rock and roll music, you can’t do much better than Tom Sims. It’s a palatable kind of jam rock that would work for baby boomers who love the classic sounds of the Beatles, but also works for the children of the 90s who grew up listening to more punk influenced rock bands. Sims brings a quintessential rock vocal to his lyric “I’m one messed up crazy cat,” a perfectly rock thing to sing. I can’t wait to hear more from this crazy cat.

The Midnight Pine – “Vice”
-This is one of the coolest songs I’ve ever heard. Like seriously the lead vocal is outstanding and the horns… oh yeah! The groove is there, too. I just love it. Imagine Grace Potter chilling down just long enough to deliver a sultry song that will make you feel warm and fuzzy while also a tad disturbed. It’s written from the perspective of the muse, the temptation that causes you to make all those ill fated decisions. It’s going on my song of the year list – no joke.

Me for Queen – “Slow Train”
-Me for Queen has a beautiful singer songwriter style that just feels a bit more like high art than much of the grungy rock we feature around here. It’s a pure vocal befitting the posh stages of the world. The piano work is stunning. But the lyrics, too, are captivating and draw the listener into the story. It’s a style and substance that reminds me of Sara Bareilles with thoughtful lyrics and interesting sonic content.

The Gentlemen Mutineers – “Rattle the Cage”
-This song could probably have a trigger warning for human reality. When you let the logic and message of this track sink in a bit, you’ll realize that oh my goodness we so often are digging our own graves with limited freedom. But okay, let’s take it as a song and we can hear a captivating blues tune. It’ll remind you of early 20th century blues, conjuring images of entrapment, incarceration, and maybe even prison life. It’s not the light hearted tune of the list, but still worth serious consideration.

Acrylics – “One in Seven”
-Having a chill indie rock vibe to it, the Acrylics “One in Seven” is just the kind of track you need for that mid day malaise. It’s about the past, but really has a cool feel about the present too. It’s an expression of moving on with life while still remembering the past. But I really like how the guitars work so well and the lead vocal just feels right for the style of music. It captures what I always liked about rock music from the late 90s and early 2000s before everything had to have a synthesizer.

The Furious Seasons – “Longshot”
-Maybe it’s an overused comparison, but The Furious Seasons really reminds me of a new version of Bob Dylan. There’s something about the scoop in his vocals that make the comparison pretty easy to make. But beyond that, the little acoustic flourishes sound like that golden age of folk music as well. The complex, layered lyrics are similar as well. I’m happy to listen to this track over and over, taking in the musical beauty and unlocking the message of the intriguing lyrics.

Castle Pines – “Palm Springs”
-Castle Pines have an interesting style of indie rock music that keeps me coming back for more. The production on this track is pretty much perfect. The guitars and vocals sound great. Beyond that, though, the sound is one that seems to have layers of interesting. There’s not just one key element that makes it work. The lyrics seem to cover the complications of a relationship, but it’s done in such a way that you can just enjoy the jam style of the track without being overly drawn into the drama.

Cameron Floyd – “Rescue”
-Cameron Floyd reminds me of what I love about a lot of singer songwriters, most notably probably John Mayer and Ben Rector. The poppy goodness emanating from this song “Rescue” is so good it pretty much begs to be on the radio. The guitar lick is simple and pleasing to the ear. But really Floyd’s vocal and relatable lyrics are what make the song work so well. It feels like returning to your high school for homecoming, seeing all of those old faces and feeling both a connection with them as well as a sort of joy that you’re not there anymore. “I need a rescue… someone to run to” strikes me as far more existential than maybe Floyd even meant it.

Andrea Silva – “Dirt”
-Andrea Silva reminds me so much of Jeremiah Daly that I really want them to tour together. Seriously I might just follow them around and cover every show. Silva’s vocal quality is pristine. The way this minimal recording feels, you can’t help but quiet yourself and pay attention. This is the perfect song and style for contemplation or journaling. It’s definitely not “just background music.” The thoughtful lyrics and soft melodic style are stunning.

Black Honey – “Hello Today”
-This is a gripping indie rock jam sure to lift you right up out of your seat. Like a good shot of sonic espresso, Black Honey’s “Hello Today” is the perfect song to get your day going. The female-fronted jam band begs comparisons with the Bangles, but fret not they are definitely the 21st century version of the iconic band. This version, of course, brings all the traditional incarnations of rock along with a perfectly dynamic, almost confrontational attitude. Put on your rock face and enjoy this jam.

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