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New Music Friday has been a highly successful series for us, allowing many different bands to get new fans and tons of new listens. Thank you for that! We ask that rather than come here just to vote for the band or artist who sent you, please listen to a few others as well. Ideally, you’d spend some time listening to all of the tracks to make an honest vote. Consider giving all of the artists a fair shot. Vote for who you love and share so your friends can do the same!

WILD – “American Love”
-WILD are the embodiment of the indie pop sound. The harmonies are just impeccable on this recording. It’s like a cross between the choral music of my youth with the new folk revival of my adulthood. How could I not love this? The message, too, reminds me of a vibrant and beautiful growing relationship. It’s an infectiously good song.

Mikey Wax – “Helium”
-We don’t always feature electro-influenced music, so when we do there are usually other characteristics we like. In this case, Mikey Wax has a really uplifting sound. The song resonates really well and the production quality on it is superb. As you listen to the track, you will just feel better. It’s a sense of soaring and I can’t help but want to lean right into the inspiring lyrics, too. You need this kind of positivity in your life.

Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants”
-This is one of the grooviest, best feeling songs I’ve heard in a long time. It has the easy swagger of a band having just too much fun making music. But beyond that, the lyrics are snazzy and befitting the new age funk feel. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to go straight to the show and have a blast with these cats. Cool.

Handsome Ghost – “Didn’t I Fade”
-If haunting vocals are your thing, give Handsome Ghost a spin. Something about the style reminds me of an eloquent combination of Bon Iver and Owl City. Right? Killer combo. As the song unfolds, I find myself drawn ever more deeply into the song. The sound is electro influenced, of course, but the melody and structure stands as an atmospheric testimony all of its own accord. In other words, it’s beautiful no matter the instruments.

This Wild Life – “Falling Down”
-I really like this anthemic indie pop song once the gang vocals jump into the track. Sometimes it feels a bit too much like a pure pop song for me, but other times it really feels rewarding. It’s not really a club style song, but it’s definitely something that will get you hyped. It’s ultimately about a friendship or relationship, letting someone know you appreciate them having your back. It’s relatable and the kind of track you can throw on a lot of different playlists just to listen and chill.

Nilu – “A Thousand Tangled Lies”
-Now for a taste of the higher arts, take in the eccentric piano pop of Nilu. This is an exceptional song, putting on display some phenomenal composition and performance skills. To write a song like this is one thing, then to perform a exceptional vocal over such a complicated piano line is nothing short of stunning. The lyrics seem to reflect an obviously toxic situation, but it serves to create an angsty, complex type of piano pop music. Imagine if Vanessa Carlton got really angry at her ex and wrote a song; this would be that song.

Mondo Cozmo – “Shine”
-When Mondo Cozmo starts to play the guitar, I immediately thought okay here’s another folk singer. But then he freaking started to sing and I thought HERE IS AN EPIC FOLK SINGER. Then, if you can believe it, he brought in some gang vocals that are mixed with some sort of resonator to give them a sense of distance and I was just all sorts of puddle of in love. I mean this song is fabulous. The Dylanesque vibe on Cozmo’s voice combined with the vintage structure is absolutely outstanding.

Corey Crumpacker – “What of Me”
-Crumpacker is a really talented singer songwriter. His composition style has a nice driving rhythm. His vocals, though, really sell the sound for me. He’s a bit reminiscent of Adam Levine in a lot ways. When you listen to the band’s pop rock style, there’s a lot to like. As the song grows and builds, it actually becomes even more appealing. The thoughtful, sometimes intricately layered lyrics, add an extra depth to an intriguing performance.

Alex Bloom – “I Don’t Know You Anymore”
-Bloom’s style is really unique, sometimes conjuring songwriting comparisons with a band like The Who, but at the same token feeling poppy and joyful like Three Dog Night. In any event, this does not sound like a 21st century track. There’s a ton of the 70s wrapped up in this sound. It’s also an addictively enjoyable song. As you dig into the lyrics, the main argument really is in title and it’s a theme we all know too well. Sometimes people change and that’s hard. Let’s write a happy song about it!

Mayve – “Higher”
-The layers of this song are so fascinating to me that I can’t really put it into words. We often say no to electro based music, but this style is really interesting. It reminds me of Owl City or even recent Relient K. The energy just makes you want to jump or run or join in on whatever awesome thing they seem to know that you don’t. It’s a really fun vibe. The lyrics aren’t always easy to discern, but it’s an optimistic feel and when I do catch a lyric it seems positive. I can dig it.

Royal Teeth – “Kids Conspire”
-Royal Teeth are truly an indie pop act, so they fit nicely with this list. The big anthem style, especially about a third of the way into the song, really works well for this band and their vocals. The lead vocalist’s voice is perfect, making the rest of the poppy goodness work really well. I get the sense they put on a really high energy song. I even enjoy the style of the lyric writing, somewhat poetic but also really engaging with raw, real memories. How many of us have conspired to do something big and important? I think that’s the theme here.

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