Dreamy Pop Tunes To Drown Your Weekday Blues

Andre Tajchman – “Outbreath”

Belgian soul man Andre Tajchman will make you feel something. His smoky vocals and seductive beats are sure to jolt your soul in the most serein of ways. His smooth and minimalistic sound brings to mind some of his stellar influences, James Blake, The XX, and FKA Twigs. Now based in London, the talented Tajchman started when he was a teen by learning to play classics by ear. He firmly has his ear on the current wave of popular sound and will fit nicely between your earbuds and through your speakers.

Shyla Buff – “Mess With Love”

Speaking of The XX, this LA act has some incredible similarities to them, with a slightly more upbeat twist. “Mess With Love” sets you on a dreamy road with a jazzy bass and ethereal vocals that are as much compelling as they are distant. The lyrics are sparse, but the instrumentation is so good, it doesn’t matter. Shyla Buff are able to build a sonic atmosphere that you will never wish to escape from. Their sound defies genre as well as space and time. We could call it stoner pop in the vein of Washed Out. Either way, this is a solid release for the little known act on the rise.

Tropic Harbour – “Now I See”

The description of dream pop fails to begin to describe the futuristic yet ‘80’s influenced sound. A sort of sonic daydream, “Now I See” is a hopeful and confident beach jam that will stir your soul with longing and romance. The brainchild of Canadian artist Mark Berg is something we have our eyes on. If you dig acts like Youth Lagoon and Wild Nothing, then Berg’s pet project is for you. Be on the look out for his debut EP Glowing Eyes to drop on October 21st. It is sure to be an interesting listen.

Parekh & Singh – “Newbury Street”

One part Owl City and one part Sufjan Stevens, “Newbury Street” is a bubbly pop experiment by the duo from India. Their debut album Ocean, which is sure to be interesting to say the least, is set to release on October 28th. There is something incredibly charming and playful about their sound. It seems to transcend lyrics and sound at times by cutting to that child like wonder deep within our stressed lives. Poppy, catchy, and awe inducing, these guys are fairly solid songwriters who belong in your late night playlist rotation.

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