Surefire Saturday Hits

We live for Saturday’s in early fall. Perfect temperatures, lazy mornings, and some quality music. We at Ear to the Ground have combed the entire six continents (still waiting for a submission from Antartica) to give you the perfect soundtrack for your weekend. Below you find some of the best rocking and pensive tracks we have heard all week. Enjoy and tell us which is your favorite!

Death By Unga Bunga – “Fight”

If you like your rock to have teeth, then look no further than Norway’s Death By Unga Bunga. They remind us of the raucousness of Jet with the confidence of the Hives. This track is about fighting, having a good time, and rocking. Of course these are simple themes but a great rock band can make even the most passive of us want to kick some ass. Their EP Fight! came out in September and is sure to have you pumping your fist and shot gunning some beers. The band has had three releases this year and is sure to punch their way into your heart and ear hole.

SunGhosts – “Hydro Pump”

If this track doesn’t hit you, then you may have to check your pulse. Very upbeat and infectious, the band has released a whirlwind of a track spanning under two minutes. Short, sweet, and to the rocking point, this jam can be found on their solid debut self-titled album that was produced by two-time Grammy award winning producer Joel Someillan. The band’s Nik Olas explains their motivation this way; “Our dream since SunGhosts’ dawning in 2013 has been to share explosively passionate music with the world to inspire hope, love and understanding. It’s the music we love to play, and if we can make this planet a better place by playing it then we’ve done our job.We look forward to traveling all over the globe and writing new music based on our experiences.” We certainly love this and are excited to share it with any one who will listen.

Captiva – “Check Your System”

The debut from these guys is going to resonate with anyone who loves artists like Cage the Elephant and Rage Against the Machine. Like these acts, they are able to balance various styles and genres seamlessly and with incredible talent. It’s a confident and bluesy track with a kick ass guitar solo that will throb in your eardrums. The vocals are fluid and stylish with vocalist JJ Ries spitting rhymes with reckless abandon. It makes sense that these guys met in a high school detention back in 2013. This EP will drop in December with a full-release planned shortly after. Recently opening for acts like Twenty One Pilots, and playing festivals and college campuses, their stock will continue to rise.

Ivory Road – “Sunset Boulevard”

This track was inspired by a sunset in the band’s hometown of Minneapolis and unfolds as a metaphor. Fans of indie pop like Owl City and Reliant K are sure to dig this first track off their album that is set to release later this year. The flow of this track is surprisingly mature. The jazz improvisational toward the end is refreshing and catchy. We love these guys and are sure you will as well.

Keir – “Probably”

We could say a lot about this new UK soul voice but nothing would do him justice. You simply have to hear it. His voice is ridiculously soulful and the guitar is destructive as it builds and tears down genre restrictions. He is ambitious and confident. Drawing early praise by many, we believe he has the potential to change the game all together. We haven’t been this excited about a UK act since Tom Odell. Soulful and exciting, this is for anyone who lives and breathes great music. You do not want to miss what is sure to be a hit.  

Ceasefire – “Joyride”

This Orange County, CA act has an impressive resume for still being early on in their career. Grammy toting producers and engineers who have worked with likeminded bands like Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and Walk the Moon produced their ‘13 EP, In the Dead of Night. Known for their electric live show, the band are prepped for what is sure to be another impressive release that should thrust them to the top of the indie pop rock scene. These guys mix some ‘80’s synth with some more modern sounds to create a sound that is sure to be a hit on many stations across the country. 

Silent Crowd – “Candy”

The expressive dream rock sound of these UK boys instantly reminded us of another diamond in the rough we covered Van Damsel, who gave us a similar feeling from the first second of their masterfully and fun jams. It is rare to find such a tightly knit sound that balances the upbeat sensibilities of pop rock with actual God-given talent to make you move and sing along. They have their eyes fixed on a October 21st release that is sure to wake up the silent crowd who wants more from their genre. “Candy” starts with a funky guitar, works in a pretty sweet drum fill, before launching into a rocky love jam. It will stay with you as you play on repeat.   

Swimming Tapes – “Tides”

There is something special about this track. It is visceral and emotive with a flare for the nostalgic. It floats on without boundary or limit as a car on a highway to nowhere. It is sure to bring comparisons to War on Drugs, and with good reason, but the five-piece act is uniquely their own masters of their sound. “Tides” is an intentionally dreamy trip into something fresh and unknown. The guys have garnered mad buzz for their self-released debut “Souvenirs”, which came out in March. They are merely three singles into their career, but if it is any gauge of future success, we are sure to be swimming along with them for years to come.

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