Thursday Jams

Lion in The Mane – “Can’t Get Enough”

Formerly known as The Atlas, these Brooklyn based boys have a knack for crafting poppy, Walk the Moon type songs which will urge you to dance with reckless abandon. Mixing fun guitars and sing along choruses, their EP “Echoes in Absence” was released in March and has garnered serious attention. They are seriously on the rise with this one, and you would be smart to give them a listen.

Skinny Living – “Only I”

Off of the EP “III”, this tune is a clever mix of acoustic magic and haunting lyrics. Lead singer Ryan Johnston drew inspiration from a run in with someone looking to stick him up; “I thought, ‘I am not that person’. It was a major wake up call, but the song’s about how easy it is for any of us to go down that rabbit hole and find ourselves in these sort of situations.” The band’s talent shines through on this one with shades of soul as well as rock. Artists like Bill Withers and Paulo Nutini come to mind with their smooth and thoughtful sound.

Brett – “Lost City”

We love this tune although are not entirely sure why. It speaks to something within us that knows great music. It is expressive and jarring, poppy but unmistakably indie. The romantic vocals carry the shoe gaze style jam that floats in the air like a beautiful dream you never had. Their EP, Die Young, is set for release later this year and if it is anything like this track, we are sure to pay attention to the DC act which is sure to make you feel like you are in the Drive soundtrack in the best of ways.

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