Music To Thursday To

Red Rosamond – “Looks Can Kill”

This classic number starts with a Tarantino type guitar before exploring a 007 type road to a soulful and contagious gem of a track. The LA artist is just as mysterious as Bond and that makes her intriguing. Her vocals will undoubtedly bring Amy Winehouse and Adele comparisons and they are well deserved. Her pictures show a confident and fiercely independent artist that is more than capable of handling any burden those comparisons might create. This is a surefire hit.

Bruno Major – “Wouldn’t Mean A Thing”

A damn soulful jam, it is near impossible not to immediately love his slow crooning over a classic beat. This song illustrates a love who brings out the best and enriches life experiences. It reminds us of a Michael Buble song in it’s structure, but also has elements of James Blake. Intrigued? We sure were. The UK artist is due for a proper release in the coming months, but for now, enjoy this fine track and keep your eyes pealed for his star to rise.

The Gentlemen Amateurs – “Bad Beat (feat. Sam Jackson)

Speaking of soul, this one is a fun song sure to give you the feels. The lead vocalist has a confident sass reminiscent of Sharon Jones with an equal amount of band participation. Funky and rocking, The Gentlemen Amateurs may be our new favorite act. Mixing everything we love about music without knowing particularly why, the California Bay Area troupe is sure to make you move, groove, and swoon. “Bad Beat” is the latest release of newly unleashed Get Up Get Down LP. Check them out and try not to dance.

Ptarmigan – “O Zephyr”

This is a peculiar track in the most glorious of ways. It seems like every few seconds, it forms a new vibe and sound. Opening up with some seriously ominous banjo music, it launches into some Fleet Foxes style harmonies, before showcasing a classic guitar riff and some hints of The Avett Brothers for good measure. The psych-folk Toronto act are pure storytellers and incredibly gifted musicians. We were blown away by this track and are crazy excited for more music from the guys. This track is sure to stir something in even the most cynical of souls.

Sundara Karma – “She Said”

Recently the Reading act got to play both Reading and Leeds festivals and are on the heels of what is sure to be a big debut release in January entitled Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. They have a super fun and catchy sound that is sure to resonate with 1975 and Kings of Leon fans. It takes a certain disciplined talent to be able to craft a song that immediately draws you in and forces you to sing along with lyrics you only learned seconds ago. If “She Said” is any indication of the sound of their soon to be released album, then we are sure to be blown away in a couple of months with an incredible LP.

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