Listen if you like Taylor Swift: Two Emerging Pop Singer Songwriters

Listen if you like Taylor Swift: Two Emerging Pop Singer Songwriters

Maybe you’ve been a Taylor Swift fan for many years, but feel like you never hear anything quite like her. There are plenty of young ladies with acoustic guitars, but what is it that makes Swift such magic? Is it the neverending line of breakups? Or her catchy-hook-in-every chorus writing style? We’re not exactly sure, but here are two talented songwriters who are picking up the Swift vibe and running with it in their own right.

Amanda Loving – “Heartbreak”
-This track is a message to a no-good guy. It’s also about the appeal of forbidden fruit. “You can’t have love without a little heartbreak…” It’s a perfectly country song. Beyond that, Loving’s vocals are absolutely on point. The minimal structure of the song not only sounds like Swift, but it also permeates with promise in her young career. With a bit of production magic (although I like it like this!), it’s not much of a leap to imagine Loving on the top 40. It’s the kind of song you can imagine being in the digital collections of thousands of eager young ladies already.

Anna Elizabeth Laube – “XO” Beyonce Cover
-Okay so I know what you’re thinking when you click play that Laube doesn’t sound like Taylor Swift exactly. Right, she doesn’t. But she has a beautiful acoustic sound that is so endearing and addictive that I think deserves the same kind of acclaim as someone like Swift. It’s really an amazing thing what she can do. The subtle horns, even, are stunning to me. But more than anything, I love hearing this reimagining of a pop hit with an artful, balanced approach. It’s smooth and sweet; it instantly relaxes me.

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