New Music Friday – Ep. 13 – Vote in the poll to decide who gets a full album review!

New Music Friday – Episode 13

If you’ve been following (and voting in) these polls, you’ve heard some pretty remarkable music over the past few months. There are so many talented artists out there, we cannot possibly cover them all. This gives us a chance to let you all give a listen to some of the really exciting ones. Check out these artists, vote in the poll, and give it a share with your friends who love music. Look at it this way – it’s an election where your vote counts and you won’t lose any friends over your choice!

Sans Parents – “Dead End”
-This indie rock band has an exciting harmonic sound. The harmonies are addictive. The questioning, personal nature of the lyrics are really intriguing as well. There are some minor chords and unique turns in the melody, too, making the song feel a bit avant garde and not like “every other indie rock song” out there. It’s a nice variety and a sound we think you’ll dig.

Rob Reid – “Paradise”
-Our note on Rob Reid says “The Band” rock. It’s true, though. Just click play on this one and you’ll hear a sound that could have come right from the heyday of The Band. The vocal sounds right on the verge of country and rock. The full sound comes together nicely with a tight studio rock mix. It’s a mild form of country-fused rock than the typical shit-kickers you’ll hear on the radio.

Luca Fogale – “Heat and Dark”
-You have to be quiet and patient at the beginning of Luca Fogale’s track, but if you are, you will be rewarded by a flawless vocal. Seriously the easy comparison is Bon Iver, but there are shades of pop vocals from people like Prince and Michael Jackson, too. It’s a stoic, subtly beautiful, nearly poetic track. A bit of R&B, a bit of soft rock, and more emotion than you can imagine.

Alex Hedley – “One Day”
-If you are fan of Sleeping at Last, you really need to listen to Alex Hedley. His music has a softness to it that will pull you right in. I know the music isn’t exactly the same, but something about this track reminds me of how I felt when I initially heard the eventual Grammy winners Cold Play. It’s a similar kind of heartfelt sincerity and simplicity defined by unique melodies and quality performance.

Peridot – “Tightrope”
-The folk duo Peridot remind me a bit of a folk duo we covered earlier this year named Jenny and Tyler. There’s an excellent, special songwriting magnetism that they have. In other ways, (maybe it’s the female vocal) that really reminds me of the Spring Standards. If you like light, AM Gold style rock music, this band is a must hear!

Fire the Animal – “Bury My Body”
-This rock is a bit more screaming than we typically cover, but it’s more Mick Jagger screaming than some sort of metal screaming. There’s a real blues rock quality to the track that makes them feel timeless. They even have a hair metal evocation, too. I’m not sure if they’re from the 70s or 80s, but they sure went to the school of rock.

Rob Drabkin – “Someday”
-If you like singersongwriters who can write emotional music, Rob Drabkin needs to be on your short list. Sometimes he sounds like Ray Lamontagne. Sometimes he reminds me a bit of William Fitzsimmons. But being in the category of those guys gives you a sense of how incredible Drabkin is on his own. He has the songwriting chops and performance quality to be in that league himself. We’re happy to have heard him this early in his promising career.

Isak Thomas – “Dear Sienna”
-It’s pretty easy to compare Isak Thomas’s style with Noah Gundersen, largely on style alone. However, Thomas has another quality like Gundersen in that he can write with a flavor that draws the listener in to a deeper emotion than the typical acoustic artist. There’s a plaintive, deliberate delivery of the lines that makes you feel a personal connection with the story that he tells.

Stoop Kids – “Motions”
-Get ready to dance when you hear the Stoop Kids! It’s a pop funk music that you didn’t know you needed in your life, but trust me you do! You know that feeling you get when you hear “YMCA” by the Village People? It’s that kind of jam. Now get your butt on the dancefloor and groove to this sweet hit!

Katie Cunningham – “Keep It to Yourself”
-My note on Katie Cunningham is “blue eyed soul.” She really has that kind of vibe that reminds me of the cool soul of Allen Stone. I really enjoy the attitude of this track, too. It’s an angry soul that really goes down smooth. There’s a dance groove on the chorus, but the verses are really cool and comforting. The total composition is some of the best soul I’ve heard all year.

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