Five Danceable Jams for Your Saturday

Sloes – “Young”

The London based dream indie pop act Sloes has a knack for creating a ethereal and sky’s the limit sound. “Young” off the recently released EP Chasing Tails is a perfect showcase of the young act complete with piano and violin that will make your heart soar and surrender. It is both romantic and heartbreaking as it builds into a full mounted assault on pop sensibilities. This might be one of the better tracks we here at ETTG have been sent recently. With one listen, I am sure you will agree.

Mint – “Wonderland”

For some reason, this track starts off reminding me of a Bryan Adams tune. Perhaps it is the vocals, which bounce from rugged to roaring on the tune. The guitar in this shares a delicate and aggressive sound as well. It plays out like a ballad as well as a classic rock tune with a modern twist. Little is known about the band except that their EP Happiness is Heroin is slated for release September 3rd. If the tracks play anything like “Wonderland” then we are in for a real musical treat. While this track is still in demo mode, we have the title track for you below which is equally as satisfying.

Beauty Sleep – “Living Right”

Like shoegaze? Enjoy the stylings of Beach House and Washed Out? Then get ready to meet your new favorite act. The eternal optimism of the act shines through this particularly dreamy track. Their home of Belfast seeps through the disappointingly short track. A great tune always leaves you wanting more, and there is no shortage of this feeling when listening to Beauty Sleep. I also want to add that the artwork for the song goes beautifully with it’s sound. Props to Jack Coulter for putting this often ignored piece of the musical buffet together.

Vian Izak – “Brink of Love” (ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

For his debut EP, Vian Izak explores world sounds that come from his South African upbringing, while blending his own modern American style. “Brink of Love” has an African sound with other worldly orchestral toms and Scottish marching snares. It reminds me of both Paul Simon in it’s scope as well as FUN with it’s sound. This track is better than most pop ballads we hear on the radio today. A relentless spirit of optimism and beauty shines throughout. Look for this short EP to release on September 2nd. Before that though, listen to the equally as engaging “Revolver” which will make you sway and sing along within the first minute.

Leagues – “New Money”

Let me first say that I’ve been a HUGE fan of Leagues since the release of the super catchy “Spotlight”. So I was super pumped when the band started getting a ton of praise and recognition with the release of their newest LP Alone Together. “New Money” is a little more reserved than some of their other singles, but it is nonetheless a beautiful mix of indie pop and danceable rock. It reminds us of a Gorillaz and Modest Mouse collaboration. This is great news for hipsters all over. Take it from me, you need to get on their bandwagon before they reach the heights of another similar act Walk the Moon.

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